Jesus: The apparition of false messiah will divide mankind

The vast majority of mankind will prostrate at his feet, and they will give honor and worship the son of perdition

22 May, 2014
Call of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, to His flock.

Jesus: The apparition of false messiah will divide mankind

“Children, my peace be with you.

The days when mankind will be purified are nearby, do not waste anymore time; hurry to put your accounts in order so that you may be justified and may be able to overcome the trial, because many will not reach the goal.

Humanity will be very soon deceived; already my adversary who is incarnated is willing to do his appearance!!!

All mass media serving him are ready to announce the arrival of the false messiah to humankind.

Very soon in the firmament, you will see his image appear and many will believe him, will follow him and will adore him as God.  All those whom are not written in the book of life will be his disciples.

My children do not pay attention to the advertisements that evil emissaries will distribute from house to house to promote the image and doctrine of my adversary.

Do not open your door to these evil agents disguised as lambs for they seek to confuse you, and then, rob your soul. 

Well you know that all is written in my Holy Word, I repeat again, read the whole chapter 24 Matthews, so that you do not be fooled.  Many sects are working for my adversary, and they will be in charge for carry out the campaign of announce and promote the arrival of false messiah. 

Listen to what I say, my children:  I am not the turban man.  I warn you of all this so you do not fall into my adversary’s net; remember that he is astute, and he will seek by all means to make lose the greatest number of souls.

He who will appear very soon saying I am the messiah, the christ; that is not the Good Shepherd; that is the wolf disguised as sheep, who is coming to scatter the flock and then make them lose. 

My adversary is the great imitator, the Father of lies for this reason he will appear to imitate me in everything, so he will walk with 12 apostles, will show false humility, will speak about love and equity, and he will make false wonders and signs which will cause admiration in all those who are away from me.

The vast majority of mankind will prostrate at his feet, and they will give honor and worship the son of perdition.  ‘I have come in my Father’s name and you do not accept me; if another comes in his own name, you will accept him.’ (John 5, 43)

Be prepare, my children, because the Deceit’s show is about to begin; the apparition of false messiah will divide mankind; you, my people, my flock, remain firm in the faith.

Intensify your prayer; wear the God’s Armour so that you can withstand the demon’s wiles, and you will be able to overcome this trial of faith.

For truly I tell you, that many of the last shall be first and many of the first shall be last.

Repent and be converted for the kingdom of God is near.

Thy Master: Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Make known my messages to all mankind.


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