Rebellious cardinals will choose a new Pope who will serve the antichrist

Chaos, desolation and death will seize the city of the seven hills and the army of the black flag will crucify many of My children

April 21 2017:
Urgent Call of Jesus ​​the Good Shepherd to humanity

Rebellious cardinals will choose a new Pope who will serve [the antichrist]

“My children, peace to you.

Flock of Mine, war is knocking at the door and with it desolation and death comes. Groaning and grief humanity will suffer and the rider of death and famine will make his appearance.

The son of perdition is about to be announced; he will take advantage of the war to show himself as the great peacemaker.

The whole show of deception is planned to make mankind believe that Christ has returned.

After the conflict he will make his universal declaration; all the publicity and logistics for his appearance are all ready.

My flock, very soon the firmament will be illuminated with holographic images that will represent Me; but you know that this is part of My adversary’s show of deception.

My flock, do not pay attention to that deception, nor accept the propaganda that they are going to give, because all this has been ritualized with occultism to make you fall in love with the false messiah. They will give out the black bible, key chains, prints and more paraphernalia of My adversary.

Beware, sheep of My flock, lest you fall for this deception; do not accept these offers much less carry this propaganda to your homes, because it will become a ball and chain for you!

Ask My Holy Spirit for much discernment and pray at all times with the power of both My Blood and My Wounds, so that you can repel the visual and subliminal attack to which you will be subjected by the followers of the false christ.

Remember that My incarnate adversary will show himself to you as an angel of light, like a gentle lamb; speaking of peace and love and showing a false humility, which will cause many to fall into the trap and cheer him as the expected messiah.

Beware, My flock, you are allowing yourselves to be deceived; I have been warning you of this deception for a long time; the days described by My prophets are nearly here, in which the vast majority of humanity will be lost for following the false doctrine of the false christ. I came in the name of My Father, and humanity rejected Me. Another will come with his own name and humanity will receive and cheer him as if he were God himself. (John 5. 43)

My flock, what sorrow I feel in My Heart to see the betrayal I will receive from many who claim to be My relatives! The Judases inside the Vatican are waiting for My adversary to make his appearance to seat him in the Chair of Peter.

The rebellious cardinals will choose a new Pope and this one will serve My adversary.

The persecution against My people will begin, My churches will close and My daily worship will be suspended.

There will be a great persecution against Christian and Catholic Christians, the blood of My people will be shed and many martyrs will give their lives through strengthening of the faith.

I will be crucified again.

Chaos, desolation and death will seize the city of the seven hills and the arMy of the black flag will crucify many of My children.

The Via Pia of the Eternal City will become a Calvary. On all five continents there will be persecutions and bloodshed of My faithful children.

There will be no justice for the persecutors, these will be supported by the authorities and governments that serve My adversary. My people, the hour of your calvary is near, but do not be afraid! I will not abandon you, I will go before you, carrying My Cross. When the time comes for your martyrdom, My Holy Spirit will take you and lead you to Eternal Glory.

Prepare yourselves, My flock, for the show of deception is about to begin; the cosmic christ, the instructor of the world, the architect of the universe, the Buddha Maitreya, as My adversary is called, is ready to make himself known to mankind.

Again I say to you: do not watch or listen to the false messiah, for he is not Me.

He who is about to announce himself and make his appearance is the son of perdition, the father of lies.

He is coming to take My place and to deceive mankind, posing as God himself.

You who have ears to hear and eyes to see are warned lest you fall into deception and lose your life.

My peace I leave you, My peace I give you.

Your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Make known My messages to all mankind, sheep of My flock.”



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