Jesus: Lay children, you are not worthy to exercise the Eucharistic Ministry!

Once again, I say to you [lay children]: you are not worthy to touch me, Noli me tangere! Do not touch Me

August 29 2017
Urgent call from Jesus High and Eternal Priest to His predilects

 Jesus: Lay children, you are not worthy to exercise the Eucharistic Ministry!

“My peace be with you, My beloved, predilect children.

My children, the solitude of My Tabernacles is an affront to My Divinity; how alone I find Myself! Who can come to comfort Me?

Every day the apostasy grows more; My Tabernacles in many of My Houses are desecrated by hands that are not consecrated by the Priestly Ministry.

It hurts and saddens Me to see so many of my lay children desecrate My sacred utensils, especially the Chalice where I find Myself spiritually.

Lay children, you are not worthy to exercise the Eucharistic Ministry!

It hurts and saddens Me to see how you take Me in your hands, who are not worthy to touch Me!

Many of you live in sin and you have months without confession or reparation, because according to many of you, you are already purified. The vast majority of you, walk with pride and arrogance, which reflect in your faces.

Oh, how you outrage Me daily, ministers of the Eucharist!

Once again, I say to you: you are not worthy to touch me, Noli me tangere! Do not touch Me.

Your hands are not consecrated by the Priestly Ministry; do not become guilty of it, do not increase your faults anymore.

In truth, I say unto you: the way you treat Me, so you shall also be treated when you present yourselves before Me.

Beloved Sons (the priest), stop this outrage at My Divinity; Do not let any longer that My lay children continue to outrage Me! You are the ones that must exercise the Ministry of the Eucharist.

To you, my priests, I chose and consecrated, in order to execute the Priestly Ministry and to be the shepherds of My flock; then why do not you do your duty?

Oh unfaithful shepherds, if you do not put a remedy and repair for this outrage to My Divinity, I assure you that when you present yourselves before Me, I will tell you: I do not know you!

Remember, to whom much is given, much will be demanded; I call you friends; then do not defraud Me with your attitude.

Think for a moment that tomorrow when you arrive in eternity, what awaits you is my Supreme Tribunal, which will judge your Priestly Ministry, according to my Doctrine and Gospel.

If the sentence is condemnation, know that I, Jesus High and Eternal Priest, will not give you the face, but the shoulder. And you already know, the place that awaits you.

Then reconsider my Predilects, do not outrage Me any longer, by allowing my lay children to continue desecrating My Divinity; for their outrages, are scourges that wound My Body and cause My Blood to sprout. Beloved Sons, no more laity handing out My body and My blood, I ask you this from the Heart!

My peace I leave you, my peace I give you.

Your Beloved, Jesus High and Eternal Priest

Let My messages be known to all my Predilects”


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