Jesus: I will send my chosen nations through the fire of purification

Evil and sin walk through your land; that is why I come to cleanse you of all tares and of all stain, so that you can show off My new clothes

March 16 2017
Urgent appeal of Jesus, ​​the Good shepherd, to the chosen nations

Jesus: I will send my chosen nations through the fire of purification

“Sheep of my flock, peace be to you

The purification of my twelve chosen nations* is drawing near.

Flock of mine who dwell there, pray that your nations endure the test and that they may tomorrow be light for the other nations.

The time is approaching when I will send my chosen nations through the fire of purification.

They will shine like crucibles and give testimony about Me, to the entire world.

My beloved nations, you will be missionaries who will give off rays of faith, hope, love, charity, mercy and, above all, an example that will lead other nations to conversion.

My twelve nations, you represent My Twelve Tribes of Israel, in which My name will be glorified.

You will give testimony about Me and you will be beacons that will illuminate the spiritual darkness in which the vast majority of nations lies.

Prepare yourselves, My loved ones, for your Beloved is coming to visit you; I am coming to cleanse you from all stain of sin and to put new garments on you so that you can be worthy of Me.

My loved ones, I will pour out My Spirit upon you, and your children will be My inheritors.

I will bless your land and you will be a blessing to those who bless you and a curse for those who curse you.

From your land springs of Living Water will flow, which will quench the spiritual thirst of many.

You are My beloved, my favored ones and I carry you engraved in the palms of My Hands. Long before you existed, I had already chosen you as the light of the nations.

My beloved Colombia, my beloved Mexico, you know how much I love you and how much I suffer from the behavior of your children.

Evil and sin walk through your land; that is why I come to cleanse you of all tares and of all stain, so that you can show off My new clothes.

I will purify you doubly, Because I need you transparent so that you can carry out My plans. Where sin abounds, grace also flourishes and I have saved you so that you may carry out great missions in My Name.

Oh, My chosen nations, I will move your land from east to west and from north to south! Everything will be moved in you, I will remove everything in order to re-organize it.

I will open your entrails and all the evil and sin that had stained and dirtied you will disappear.

I will prune the trees and I will uproot the bad ones with their fruits; I will do the same with the tares so that they will never grow again.

Do not fear, my beloved, I am only coming to prune and to pull out the weeds from you and the weeds that have grown and are taking root.

For love of you and your faithful children, you will not be destroyed.

I will only cleanse those places in your provinces where wickedness and sin have increased.

I will not touch the homes of My faithful people; that is a promise.

I come in search of My maidens; be prepared, My beloved, with your lamps lit, because I will come like a thief in the night.

See that I warn you in advance so that nothing catches you by surprise. The banquet is ready and the table set and is awaiting the Groom and His maidens. Do not fear, My beloved nations; do not be distressed; rather, jump for joy and delight, because you are My chosen ones; the ones I chose among many nations to carry out My plan of salvation for these end times.

My beloved nations, the time of your purification is now approaching. My faithful children, those who dwell in My beloved nations, pray, fast and do penance so that your purification and sacrifice may be an offering of love and so that the Holy Name of God be glorified.

Through His Grace may His Holy Will be carried out soon.

* Nations chosen according to their assigned mission: Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Yugoslavia, Ireland, Nigeria. These are the Twelve Tribes of Israel, of these end times.

Your Beloved, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Make known My messages, My flock”



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