JESUS: He has come out of his den

They are going to implement the final evil plan that will result in the abandonment of the Christian practices and the use of the Sacraments in the House of God

June 7, 2016: Message to the seer Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus (Giglio del Santo Volto)

JESUS: He has come out of his den

He has come of his den.  

He has been taken to the place where all starts and he will be condemned in the eyes of God even before the era of splendor will take place.

Because My Father will not allow him and the followers of evil to pierce with the last spear the heart of My Church.

Stop and from now on look with the scrutinizing eye of the Spirit. 

He moves in politics, and he has already entered in your daily life with any means of communication to ensure that every Christian and every other living beings are accurately and carefully studied and, unknowingly by them, in turn, being used to provide details about others. 

It is a despicable chain of control and away from the project of life conceived by the Father.

He, who so much loves you, has left a great gift to you, in making you free.

The freedom conceived by the man who betrays God, is quite different and selfish.

He plots for his devious purpose of profiting from other people’s knowledge and by violating the sixth and seventh Commandment like nothing happens.

Children, they are going to implement the final evil plan that will result in the abandonment of the Christian practices and the use of the Sacraments in the House of God.

I am displeased by this abomination. 

They will shut the door in my face and I can no longer rest in the Tabernacle, no longer wait with open arms My faithful during the hours of Adoration.

When you participate in their blasphemous ritual, you would have followed the footsteps of Peter in the night of trial.

The long dark night, where not even the light of a lantern will shine.

I am the Star that lights the path; without Me you would grope in the dark with no hope of salvation.

If you would not find Me, the Savior, waiting for you during the Holy Mass, in what hands would you fall?

Watch carefully the proposals of prayers to be prayed even now, at the end of each Function (Mass).

Refrain from praying the new formulas and pay attention during the prayer of the faithful, not to go along with the satanic initiatives subtly introduced, by simply avoiding to respond to what is being proposed.

A Serious discernment, this is what will be necessary.

All that belongs to the true Doctrine, it must not change. 

I will not accept changes in the liturgy and in the Sacred Scripture.

 Everything has to be kept as the same as before. 

Where it grows strongly the desire to participate in parish activities, ask the Holy Spirit to direct you to understand whether it is appropriate or not to follow them. 

Attention to some pilgrimages proposed in various places; even if holy and once rich in spirituality, many of these places have been affected by some contamination and it would be wise to be prudent. 

In many shrines and places of worship, Masonic-Satanic ideals have taken space and it is prudent not to get involved with activities they propose, since not all of them are perfectly in line with the true Church. 

My children, while I share these words with you, My Heart bleeds profusely. 

This Refuge and shelter of Peace is overflowing with Love and as much sadness, because of the blindness of men. 

Who is strong and firm in Me, feels the agony and birth pangs, and joins the sorrow of the Passion in perfect harmony with the suffering Christ.

Animated by hope and by the abundance of Grace, I ask you to get involved by loving more, each day, the Cross and the weight to be sustained.

 May It be the ultimate Joy that dwells in every Heart.

 Strong as ever been, the Church will rise again to new life and nothing will put an end to it.

 I wanted to tell, with these words, that on the day’s passed by (Corpus Christi June 7, 2016), hidden events planned for a long, long time, have occurred.

 Few people have been able to perceive the spiritual movement that was surrounding you.

 Yet, behind closed doors, it gave the start to the dances.

 Go out of the usual canons and start to grasp the facts with the eyes of the Spirit.

 You have been used to believe through the visual field, but if you would go beyond it, you would understand that there is much more though not visible.

 Pay attention to the news coming through TV channels.

 Watch them with right discernment through the light of the Word and you will understand that everything is in motion.

 Everything is ready to deceive My People, but the Father will intervene strongly.

 Your faithful and merciful Savior Jesus Christ.

Source: Allison Misti




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