It is my last call before to send you the chastisement

Colombia and Mexico, reconsider, you are not prepared and you are not going to resist the fury of my nature

November 08 2018
Very urgent appeal of God the Father to Colombia and Mexico. Last call.
Message to Enoch.

It is my last call, before to send you the chastisement!

“My Beloved Nations, my Peace be with you.

My two nations, pillars of my plan of salvation of these last times, are about to enter into purification. I am going to pass them through the furnace of tribulation, because they have not wanted to turn to my Mercy and they keep on going lethargically because of sin and wickedness; I need these two nations to shine like crucibles, so they can irradiate the other nations with their light.

Beloved nations of Colombia and Mexico, if you continue with your spiritual lethargy, by ignoring my calls; if you continue in your debauchery and sin, and giving me your back and not your face, I assure you that you are going to lament. The fury of my nature will be in charge of your chastisement; I have chosen you so that the cry of freedom will comes out of you; but I see with sadness that you do not want to listen to Me, and on the contrary, you have increased your sinning and your wickedness. Your children have not wanted to accept my calls to conversion, your rulers continue to turn their back to Me and to enact laws that go against nature. The cup of my Just Wrath is about to overflow, you do not want to turn to my Mercy that is calling you to conversion; then, I see that what you need to change is my Justice and this is what I am about to send you.

If you continue my Beloved Nations in your rebellion, I will allow the fury of my nature with all its elements to be unloaded over you. My beloved Colombia and Mexico, reconsider, I do not take pleasure about your suffering and sorrow; you are not prepared and you are not going to resist the fury of my nature. I do not want to destroy you or want to put your children into mourning, because you well know that I love you. As a father, I urge you to return to Me without knowing my Justice.

Repeal, rulers of my Beloved Nations, all laws that go against nature. That the bloodshed of my innocents that cries out for justice to heaven, cease; that the religious syncretism disappear and to bring only adoration and worship to Me, your Father in Heaven. That their rulers do not continue to oppress my People with heavy burdens and the corrupt one be punished, for they make nations bleed. I do not want rulers more injustices, because the lamentation of my People has reached my ears! Govern with righteousness and fairness, that you may be irreproachable before Me.

Again I say unto you, inhabitants of my Beloved Nations, the time of my Mercy is coming to an end. I am waiting for your sincere conversion, because I do not want death or sorrow or weeping to awaken you; welcome the calls I am making and change at once. I need your nations to be ready and prepared, so that they can carry out my Plan of Salvation for these last times. Awaken inhabitants of my Beloved Colombia and my Beloved Mexico, because I urgently need your conversion; It is my last call before to send you the chastisement! I speak to you as a Father and I am offering you my Mercy, so that you turn to Her and change. For you not to comply with my call, I will send you my Justice with all Its weight and rigor. What do you choose: my Mercy or my Justice? Decide once and for all! I do not want you to know Me as Just judge, my Beloved Ones; for your land and your children would not bear the passing of my Justice.

Listen to Me then and put my call into practice; return to Me, just as the inhabitants of Nineveh did and I will desist to send you my chastisement. I am waiting for your conversion without you having to know my Justice; I am waiting for you, do not be late my Beloved (two nations). Stay in my peace.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of the nations.

Let my messages be known in all the corners of the earth.”

Source: mensajesdelbuenpastor

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