If You Want Peace

You want peace with yourselves? Well then, my Son gives it to you. Flee sin, detest sin, hate sin. Do you want peace in the family? Be good, don't put yourselves first, do not fight with venom


If You Want Peace

Maria says: (Maria Mother and Teacher, Vol. 1) “My children, how much my heart rejoices in these filial encounters. I open my heart to you and you open yours to me. I express to you my desires and you expound your needs to me. You console my sorrows and I wipe away your tears.

I am the Queen of Peace and I give peace to souls, to families and to the world. In peace there is joy, in peace every good.

Well then, dear children, ask for this peace to the Prince of Peace and to the Queen of Peace and we shall be happy to grant it, as long as you unite to prayer the contribution of your work.

I wish to teach you as a good mother. You want peace with yourselves? Well then, my Son gives it to you. Flee sin, detest sin, hate sin. Do you want peace in the family?

Be good, don’t put yourselves first, do not fight with venom; even if you were to have enemies in your home, it is only with goodness that you will beat them. It is not the many words that make you strong, but your smile and sometimes your tears. Use these two weapons and above all use goodness.

I assure you that before a truly good mother, who knows how to do her duty with love and precision, even the most evil will become disarmed.

If families were to be healed again and were to have peace, the nations will be healed again and will be governed with wisdom and with justice.

And now permit me to make a suggestion to you that ís very dear to my heart. Love one another amongst yourselves, with a love without rivalry and made up of altruism alone, and in concord and in silence work for the glory of God.

Love to spread and propagate good, however do it without exaggeration and without fanaticism. Be prudent, simple, convinced, but do not insist in order to want to impose your way of thinking and believing.

The Lord respects the liberty of his children and you also, in his imitation, must not rail against or force the will of others.

Love all and expound to whoever what you know, but do not insist and do not break the bond of charity which before God is what is worth the most.

I bless you all, my children, and I clasp you to my heart one by one.”



  The thoughts, the reflections and the meditations in this booklet, were inspired by Our Mother Maria, Mother of Jesus, to Carmela Negri Carabelli. They are, however, addressed to all those souls, who, desirous to love the Lord, seek to put into practice his teachings and to live the Christian life more perfectly. May Jesus bless these pages and those who read them with the desire to improve themselves, granting the help of his grace. Maria Mother and Teacher Books For more information about these magnificent teachings, for any spiritual assistance you may need or to participate and spread throughout the world the cenacles of prayer and the apostolate of the Divine Mercy, please contact:

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