If you carry occultism in your blood, run to get rid of that curse

You carry occultism into your blood when you dream that you are flying or that you go to a place and it seems to you that you have already been there

July 20, 2018
Urgent call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Flock. Message to Enoch

If you carry occultism in your blood, run to get rid of that curse

“My flock, My peace be with you.

My last bells of Mercy are coming to their end; the vast majority of humanity that has not wanted to listen to Me, will lament with My Justice and it will be too late. The Warning is touching the door of your soul and together with the Heavenly manifestations and the Miracle, will be the end of My Mercy.

Once again I say unto you, make good life confessions, so that the arrival of My Warning will catch you in grace of God. Oh sinful humanity, wake up, because what is at stake is your life! Do not keep turning your back on Me, because you well know that I do not want your death; listen to Me and come back to Me, as soon as possible; because in truth I tell you, there are many who will be lost with the arrival of My Warning.

My children, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, are a reality that awaits you in eternity, although the immense majority of this humanity refuses to accept it. The true life is in eternity, in this world everything is temporary; you only come to prepare and fulfill a mission. From your love of God and of your brothers, tomorrow your judgment will depend on,; because you well know that you will be judged on love and service. How much have you loved and served? This is the voice you are going to hear once arrived at the Supreme Court. Think again rebellious humanity, because to continue as you go, your sentence will be tomorrow: Eternal Death!

My flock, the son of perdition, the incarnate Antichrist, is about to be announced; all his emissaries are waiting for his declaration, to begin the reign of darkness; in the last reign of My adversary all the evil and all the works of darkness, My people will suffer. In those days of darkness, you must invoke at all times the Power of My Glorious Blood and you must consecrate yourself to It, so that the forces of evil can do no harm to you. Close now any spiritual door that you have open because of the curses of occultism in your generations. If there was occultism in your past generations on the paternal or maternal side, your generation is carrying this curse.

These curses of occultism make you very likely to be looking for information into hidden sources or that they do witchcraft on you. If you carry the occult in your blood, run to lift that curse, so that tomorrow in the time of the last reign of My adversary you are not bound by occultism.

You carry occultism into your blood when you dream that you are flying or that you go to a place and it seems to you that you have already been there; or when things happen like you dream or say. If you experience this, My children, you must send to celebrate or attend 33 Holy Masses in a row; delivering at each Mass at the sublime moment of the elevation, the curses of occultism and all the other curses that weigh upon you and upon your descendants. If a curse continues after having been present or sent to celebrate the Masses, you must continue doing it each time you attend the Holy Sacrifice, until it disappears completely.

As a Good Shepherd I teach you My flock, so that you close those open doors of the occult; I say this unto you, because at the time of the last reign of My adversary, you are going to be attacked by the emissaries of evil with the detestable practices of occultism. This will be another test that through it you will have to pass, but do not fear; If you remain prayerful and firm in faith, nothing and no one can touch you or harm you. Prepare yourselves sheep of My Flock, because the wolf and his emissaries are about to begin their time; do not fear, the Power of My Glorious Blood and Wounds, will be your protection.

Pray My Rosary of My Precious Blood and consecrate yourselves to It, every day; and I assure you that no demon, for as strong as it would be, may touch you. Learn by memory the sealing prayer with My Blood and do it every day morning and night; cover with My Blood all your being: physical, psychic, biological and spiritual, as well as your children and relatives; seal everything with My Blood, so that you remain protected and nothing and no one can harm you.

Peace I leave you, My peace I give you. Repent and convert, because the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Make my messages be known, children of Mine, to all humanity.”

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