I protect all those who wear my Medal around their neck

All those who pray my Holy Rosary and say at the end of each Mystery: O Mary, conceived without sin... will receive an extraordinary Plenary Indulgence

November 27 2018
Call of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal to all her devout and faithful children.
Message to Enoch.

I protect all those who wear my Medal around their neck

“Little children of my Heart, the Peace of my Lord be with you all, and the protection of my Miraculous Medal assist you and always accompany you.

My little children, I am your Mother of the Miraculous Medal and I want this day and this week to give you many Graces and Blessings. From today until the end of the week, all those who pray my Holy Rosary and say at the end of each Mystery, my short prayer: “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee”, will receive an extraordinary Plenary Indulgence, for one time only, that will serve you to erase your sins or to reduce your stay in purgatory, when you arrive in eternity.

Little Children, My Holy Medal is the strength of my consecrated ones; I am your Mother, I protect and cover all those who with faith, wear my Medal around their neck. During the times of the great tribulation, none of my devotees will be touched by the evil one. I promise to assist and to protect all my devotees in this life and in eternity. My Miraculous Medal is a healing for the sick of the body and the soul, if with faith you invoke Me with my short prayer. Immerge It in holy or exorcised water, say my short prayer and give it to the sick to drink and if you do it with faith, I assure you that this one will recover the health of the body or of the soul.

My Miraculous Medal is the terror of demons; when you feel attacked by the evil one, say my short prayer: “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee”; and the power of my Medal will keep the demons away and will not allow the evil one’s incendiary darts to harm you. During the times of the great tribulation, you must have my Miraculous Medal because my Father has bestowed upon great power to heal from many diseases, plagues and viruses, all those that carry it with faith. My Miraculous Medal will get rid from you of many evils, plagues and incurable diseases, in those days of spiritual combat.

The power of my Miraculous Medal is a protective shield that liberate you from the forces of evil. If you are in danger and invoke Me by saying my short prayer, I will free you of all material and spiritual enemies. Those who are my devotee will not know sudden death, nor bloodshed. I, your Mother of the Miraculous Medal, I promise to assist all my devotees in the hour of their death; No demon can disturb the peace of the dying who were my devout faithful. In eternity, I will be the intercessor and the advocate of all of my devotees, and my faithful little children will not suffer a long stay in purgatory.

My devoted little children make my Holy Medal be blessed and exorcised again, so that it will give you greater protection during the times of spiritual combat that are approaching. All of my devout and faithful ones will be spiritual warriors during the times of the great tribulation, for the power of my Medal is a Powerful Armor that will keep demons away. My exorcised Medal, in the times of the great tribulation, will emit rays of light that will blind Satan and his demons. My exorcised Miraculous Medal placed on the sick of the soul, will get rid of the attacks of the demons from them.

Consecrate yourself to my Miraculous Medal and say my short prayer: “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee” after every mystery of my Holy Rosary and I assure you that you will obtain from this Mother: protection, healing and deliverance. Do not fear my children, all this week for one time only, you can earn my indulgence. The most important thing is that you become my devotees, so that my protection will remain in you. May the Peace of my Lord, accompany you always and the power of my Miraculous Medal, protect you from all evil and danger.

Your Mother, the Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

Let, my devout children, make my message known to all mankind.”

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