I ask you for much prayer for my Vicar

There are dark forces in the interior of my Church that seek to introduce the so called Theology of Liberation, a work of my adversary

April 05, 2015
Urgent Call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to the Catholic world.
Message to Enoch.

 I ask you for much prayer for my Vicar

“Aleluya, Aleluya, Aleluya, The Lord has risen.

This is the song of victory of all My creatures in Heaven and ought to be also the song of all men of good will in this world. Again I Have risen in the heart of my faithful people, to announce again the joy of my Eternal Life. My children, great changes are about to be given in my Church. You ought to pray, flock of Mine, so that all these changes be in conformity with my Doctrine and Gospel.

As Good Shepherd, I want to reunite around me, my sheep gone astray and dispersed so that when I return, there will be only one Shepherd and one flock; it is my desire that all the Catholic world unite in prayer with their shepherds and participate actively in the new changes that I want to institute in my Church. I want to have a general consensus among my Shepherds and my Flock regarding to the decisions that are going to be made at the next Synod (the Synod of the Family 2015).

Sheep of my Fold, henceforth I want you to begin to pray, fast and do penance, so that these changes that will reform my Church be realized in accordance with my Will. I want also to unify those churches that maintain a doctrinal affinity with the Catholic Church, so that when I return I will find a single flock in my fold. For this purpose, I elected Pope Francis, to be Him the one to unite my dispersed flock and to bring again into my fold my lost sheep. I ask you for much prayer for my Vicar, so that the forces of evil within the Vatican do not impede the work of renovation that I want to realize in my Church.

There are dark forces in the interior of my Church that seek to take advantage of this reform as a means to introduce the so called “Theology of Liberation”, a work of my adversary, who wants to destroy from within the foundations of my Church. Cry out, therefore, to my Father, with supplications and prayers, fasting and penance, so that the doctrine with which I founded my Church remains solid together with my Gospel, and so that the forces of evil are not be able to prevail against Her.

Support my Vicar and my faithful Bishops to my Doctrine and Gospel, so that they may remain firm in the decisions that are crucial for the destiny of my Church. The schism is near, for this your prayers are important, my children; remember that I respect your free will and everything I bring to completion depending on your prayer here on earth. If you pray, fast and do penance, for this necessity of change in my Church, all will be in accord with my Will; otherwise, the modernists at the service of my adversary will introduce into my Church the theology of liberation, which will completely change my Doctrine and Gospel, and will open the doors of my Church to my adversary so that he can seat in the Chair of Peter and begin the persecution of my Church, the escape and martyrdom of my Vicar.

My flock, be prepared then with the spiritual weapons that I have given you for these end times; wear your Spiritual Armor duly oiled with prayer; pray the Rosary of my Mother, of my Precious Blood and of my Wounds; the prayer of the Exorcism of my beloved Michael; and keep a vigil of prayer, so that together with my Mother, we will defeat the forces of evil within my Church.

My peace be with all of you.

Your Teacher, Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Let my messages be known to all humanity.”

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