Humanity, you do not know what awaits you

Pray My Holy Rosary and pray for the conversion of this ungrateful and sinful humanity, because days of great darkness are approaching

September 6, 2016
Call of Mary Mystical Rose to Humanity

Humanity, you do not know what awaits you

“Little children of My Heart, the peace of My Lord be with you all and My Maternal Protection always walk with you.

The year of Mercy is about to end and the vast majority are still spiritually lethargic. They are letting this year of grace that Heaven has given you pass by to be forgiven and when the days of justice arrive, they will shout and cry out to Heaven for mercy and there already will be no one there to listen.

At the end of the year of Mercy, the only thing lacking is the Warning. This is why My Father is giving you this year of forgiveness, so that you may get closer to Him and thus be able to withstand your crossing into eternity.

Oh, humanity, you do not know what awaits you; days of chaos, despair and spiritual darkness are coming; all those who are not spiritually prepared will run the risk of being lost! The Warning will come in the midst of the tribulation and the vast majority will be caught unprepared.

What sadness I feel in My Motherly Heart in seeing so many who are here today and tomorrow they will no longer be.

This humanity does not pay attention to calls from Heaven; they think that it is fanaticism and that God does not punish, because according to many, God is love and mercy. Little children, God is merciful, but He is also just; Mercy and Justice are His Holy Name. Do you think that you can go on and on sinning and your dwelling place will be Heaven?

Oh, how confused you are, those who think this way, because to continue with these thoughts, what awaits you will be the eternal death! Just as you receive punishment in this world when you commit a crime, so it is in eternity too. God gives to each according to his works, the wicked will be thrown into eternal fire and the righteous will go to the eternal glory.

Little children, at the end of the year of Mercy, the days of tribulation for humanity will begin.

Therefore, I ask that you take advantage to the utmost of these days of mercy that Heaven is giving you as a present , so that you receive the largest number of indulgences and extend them to your relatives who are walking distant from God, so that when the Warning comes, their souls will not be lost in eternity.

Pray My Holy Rosary and pray for the conversion of this ungrateful and sinful humanity, because days of great darkness are approaching.

Remain, little children, in the peace of My Lord.

Your Mother loves you, Mary, Mystical Rose.

Little children, make known my messages to all humanity.”

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God the FatherMay 1, 2020 - God the Father says: "Today, I invite you to realize that this virus - the coronavirus - is no ordinary disease. It has been created from human ingenuity to specifically target the elderly and physically challenged. This is the plan of future generations to purify the human race around the world. It was released into the general population ahead of schedule - by accident. Those in charge were waiting for less capable government officials in your country (USA) to be in office. Nevertheless, proposed harm is being unleashed on the whole human race."

"I tell you these things to help you to realize the underlying evil at work and hidden in hearts these days. You cannot be confounded by any turn of events. Over all situations, I am in Dominion. No one will be given power over you that is more powerful than your Eternal Father. Therefore, be emboldened with this knowledge. If you persevere in Truth, you have loaded your weapons against what seems to be and discharged them with Truth." (Source: Holy Love)

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