Great trials are approaching for humanity

Many idols of your world have already sold their souls to My adversary in exchange for fame, power and money


May 02, 2016
Urgent and anguished call from Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to humanity

Great trials are approaching for humanity

My peace be with you, My children. Great trials are approaching for humanity; My faithful people will be refined in the furnace of tribulation so that tomorrow you may be with Me and inhabit the New Creation.

All My faithful people and all My chosen ones, predilect ones and instruments, will be persecuted in the time of My adversary and many will give their lives for the cause of My Gospel.

In the final reign of My adversary, persecution and extermination of My faithful children, will be the cruelest of all that has ever been carried out in the history of mankind.

The blood of My martyrs will be the defeat my adversary; this spilled blood will be My blood with which I will win My adversary again.

Fear not, nor let your heart be troubled; My Holy Spirit I will send you and He will give you strength, so that you can endure those days of anguish and desolation. Before you lose your life, your spirit will be taken and brought to Eternal Glory. The story of My faithful people will be repeated and, like My first Christians, you too will have to climb the mountain or hide in caves to escape the relentless pursuit of the emissaries of evil that will persecute you in the approaching days of tribulation. 

My children, after My Father’s Warning , the sheep will be separated from the goats and My people will know who is of God and who serves My adversary; by their fruits you will know them.  On your way to eternity, all God’s people will receive the Graces and Gifts they need to face the final battle that will give you freedom. These ones will be the spiritual weapons for you to fight, with all the power of God, My adversary and his hosts of evil.

My children, all those who have put on the Spiritual Armor, will not be touched by My adversary.  Pay attention to what I say to you and comply with My instructions. Once again, I remind you: do not go out into the street without wearing your Spiritual Armor, because you are in the days of spiritual battle and many evil entities roaming the air, come taking control of the bodies of those who are far from God or who are serving My adversary.

Heed then My call, so that you do not bring upon yourselves unpleasant surprises. Each day of these last days, the spiritual battle will be fiercer. After the Warning and the Miracle, the final battle that will give you freedom will come.  I instruct you in all this, so that you remain steadfast in faith and like good soldiers, be alert and vigilant, so that nothing and no one takes you by surprise.

My children, the astuteness of My adversary knows no bounds; he will take advantage of the show business and of the sport of your time to implant in all his followers the mark of the beast. The sport that moves the masses in your world will be tapped and sports clubs will make a worldwide campaign so that their fans will allow themselves to be implanted with the microchip.  Very soon, it will be essential to wear the stamp of the beast implanted in your body to enter the sports venues or to see your human idols. There will be no ticket sales; the entrance ticket to these scenarios will be the microchip.  How many will be lost by this deception!  Millions will fall into the trap and when they realize the mistake they have made, it will be too late for them!

Children of Mine, be careful not to fall into this deception! Many idols of your world have already sold their souls to My adversary in exchange for fame, power and money; the list is large and on it there are sports players, soccer players, singers, politicians, government officials, writers, tycoons, bankers and many who claim to be my relatives.  Millions idolize them and they will be the ones who drag many to perdition.  What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, by losing his soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for his soul? (Matthew 16, 26)

Poor guinea pigs, the cunning of my adversary will rob you of your soul.

So, be alert and vigilant, children of Mine, because My adversary will make use of everything to have the greatest number of souls lost.

My peace I leave you, My peace I give you. Repent and convert, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Teacher, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Let My messages be known to all humanity.”

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