Great celestial signs will soon appear in the firmament

The transformation of the universe will be shown unto you and your eyes will see the greatness of God [...] announcing that this world that you know will soon pass

October 18 2018
Call of Jesus of Mercy to His Faithful People.
Message to ENOCH.

Great celestial signs will soon appear in the firmament

“My children, my Peace be with you

My little instrument, great celestial signs will soon appear in the firmament and all the inhabitants of the Earth will appreciate them. The time of the celestial manifestations is coming and Heaven hopes that these signs will serve you to reconsider, to become aware, to return to God, and to prepare yourselves for His Second Coming.

My children, celestial phenomena never before seen by any eye, you are going to be in presence of; you must be prepared, because along with these celestial wonders, also fire from heaven will fall. The transformation of the universe will be shown unto you and your eyes will see the greatness of God, which will manifest Himself to you; the colors and the shades of the universe, the stars, the planets and many other celestial phenomena, for a period of time, will adorn the celestial vault; they are signs that heaven sends you, announcing that this world that you know will soon pass, to give the start of New Heavens and of a new Earth.

Noises and rumbles in the sky you are going to hear; do not panic, everything is part of the transformation of the universe; keep calm and pray, abandon yourselves to the will of my Father, that everything may go according to His designs. Heaven and earth have begun their stage of transformation and many of their changes will affect your planet; therefore, be prepared and remain calm; When the earth begins to move, what you must do is to pray and to praise the Glory of God and everything will pass by.

Do not be afraid my little ones, remember that all this must be fulfilled as it is written: Heaven and earth will pass, but my Words will not pass; read Matthew 24, the precursor signs and meditate them, so that you understand better what is already happening, and what is about to happen. My little ones, all these changes in the universe, will affect your planet, causing the earth to begin to transform itself as well. The waters of the sea are going to agitate and many coastal regions will suffer their blows; the sun will be one of the celestial bodies that will suffer the most of the transformation; therefore, you must protect yourself from its rays so that your skin does not suffer burns that develop cancer.

Protect yourself with the right clothes toward these changes, because you will have days of intense heat and nights of intense cold, all over the planet. Food shortages are approaching and water is going to be scarcer than the gold of Ofir, in many places of the planet. These are the days where the earth will bear bad fruit for the changes it will suffer; therefore, my children, I am announcing all this in advance, that you may be prepared so that you can cope with the days of scarcity that are approaching your world.

Keep a water reservoir, store it in cans well covered, away from the sun’s rays. Have provision of food and non-perishable products; keep the Manual handy with the Natural Remedies that Heaven sent you through my Mother and Yours. Good clothes, light and fresh, for warm days and coats and blankets, for nights of intense cold. Comply then my little ones with these instruction, remain firm in faith; pray and trust and everything will pass like a dream to you.

My Peace I leave you, my Peace I give you. Repent and convert because the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Master, Jesus of Mercy.

Let my messages be known to all humanity.”

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