God the Father: Secret Plan to reduce the strength of the Holy Eucharist and suffering to Scandinavia, Europe and USA

The powerful action of the Divine Wrath will make those who are a scourge to My chosen people to scream for the pain.


June 6, 2016: Message to the seer Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus (Giglio del Santo Volto)

God the Father: Secret Plan to reduce the strength of the Holy Eucharist and suffering to Scandinavia, Europe and USA

(June 6, 2016) – Today is a day where big decisions are taken aimed at destroying My House and for the Army of the Lord suffering and injustice will increase.

 Never doubt of the Power of the Most High.

You will never have to forget the promises that I made, nor the very special protections you will enjoy even when the Cross, the burden, will weigh enormously.

There are powers that are plotting and planning big changes to reduce the strength the Holy Eucharist gives to a person in state of Grace who receives the Body of My Son and constantly longs for Him in his heart.

The army of Satan are advancing straight to upset what has been for you certainty and a safe haven.

They want nothing more than the total acceptance to  their project of extermination of Christians, of which they are fully aware.

They want to wipe out the presence of My Son, who descends during the Holy Sacrifice to give Himself as gift and to give Salvation to souls.

They will build a false Church founded on pure lies and they will force to accept new rules introduced under the bonds of excommunication and exile to Priests opposing their ruling.

You’ll have to fight back strongly, until it is still possible to you.

Run ahead of this abomination, for what is possible, to unmask these impostors now.

Bear witness, go forward sure of being in the Truth, because to Me only this is important.

Also throw the seeds on uncultivated land and the Spirit will do the rest. 

Have no qualms when you talk about Me and My Justice, because It is already coming down upon some nations and those who are blind and deaf will have to open up to the reality of the facts.

Everything is planned, everything will be fulfilled, even if a lot will be reduced by the prayer of (My) Army.

Despite the Mercy of which I am full, I have reached the highest level of bearing, at the end.

The Earth trembles at the sound of the Thunder, on hearing the Voice of the Living God.

The powerful action of the Divine Wrath will make those who are a scourge to My chosen people to scream for the pain.

Scandinavia will suffer and Europe will have to bend her knees.

In the month of April, an appeal was made toward a sad event that is about to occur in California; My Son informed you and asked you to pray to prevent the greatest number of victims.

Continue, continue with no delay.

Great will be the discomfort for My children in the United States. 

While the attack to the Body of Christ is being carried out in secret, under derision and unconsciousness, for they will not win and will be thrown into the lake of fire, you are called to pay attention to the signals that precede it.

Be vigilant and steadfast, and be witnesses.

It does not matter what they will be telling you, they will not know the peace of the Spirit until the grip will begin to hold tight and they will fall face forward.

They will know the gravity of their actions and will work to gain back their wasted time.

There are spiritual levels, for each of you.

They will have to reach quickly their fellow travelers and make a hard training to be suitable for their assigned tasks.

 Many are called but few are elected.

The one who will not resist, will go back to his ego and there will be souls who will move away.

 Do not lose hope, or your path up to here will be useless.

If you were to fail or to throw in the towel, who can still go to the Father?

It is only a warning, to instruct you about the consequences and about the appropriate step to take.

 Bring souls to Me, try as long as it is possible and turn your back to derision.

 They will understand too.

Avoid whispering from now on, because they cause stains hard to remove.

Avoid all forms of human judgment and do not dwell on nuances.

Do not ask the meaning of every event that concerns you; about why this or that has happened.

Do not try to put together pieces when they are few, I only know the meaning of everything that has happened.

Live every day in total confidence and listen to what the Spirit suggests to you.

Rest assured that you will have the necessary guidance.

Prayer be constant in order to stay in communication with Your Father and you will understand what I desire for you to reach, through prayers and deeds.

You will do wonders only when faith and abandonment will take the place of confusion and agitation that do not bring good results.

Sometimes, asking specifically for something could be a mistake; just say that everything would proceed according to what is right in My eyes and My Will, aware that I only wish what is good for everyone.

Ask, ask, but then add: “Always Thy will be done, Father Most Holy.”

I will always act for the best.

Trust in Me and do not consider the human judgment, my dear daughter.

I care about you and those beside you.

Finally, I want to really save you all.

God the Father is blessing you and asking you to surrender yourself as children to His tender embrace.

So be it.

Lily of the Holy ShroudThe seer Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus (Giglio del Santo Volto), is a woman from Italy who lives a humble and hidden life. Those people whose heart belong to God, will recognize in these messages the voice of the Good Shepherd, God the Almighty, The Triune God: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Who call all to salvation. Be the one who listens by abandoning a sinful life, by embracing prayer and by following the eternal 10 Commandments. Time is running out.