Fateful days of purification are drawing near

Litanies to My Precious Blood will decontaminate you. The power of My Stations of the Cross will make the demons retreat and free many souls


February 28, 2016
Urgent call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Flock

Fateful days of purification are drawing near

“Sheep of My flock, peace to you.

Fateful days, days of purification are drawing near.  Cry out and implore Heaven so that you may endure these days of trial without losing faith or hope.  Children of Mine, sheep of My flock, when the wolf makes its appearance, you must remain vigilant because evil spirits will invade the nights.  All the emissaries of evil will make themselves known and their (evil) works will intensify.  By their fruits you shall know them.

My flock, stay calm and do not panic; seal the wolves with My Blood and cover them with My Wounds so that they do not harm you.  Do not engage in disputes or altercations with the children of darkness; in those days what you must do is to pray; let prayer be your company and the Spiritual Armor your protection.

During the time of the final reign of the wolf, 1,290 days, you are going to have to fight spiritually with all the evil entities, both incarnated and spiritual ones. Pray at all times and do not low your guard in prayer, so that you do not meet unpleasant surprises.  Remember that those days will be of spiritual battle and the wolf and his followers will intensify their attacks, looking for ways to make Me lose the greatest number of My sheep.

My flock, have blessed and exorcised: crucifixes, medals, pictures, rosaries and everything that you might have that represents us.  An exorcised Crucifix or an exorcised Rosary, you should always carry with you; the power of My Cross and the power of My Mother’s Rosary will chase demons away.

Make replicas of My Cross on a smaller scale and have them exorcised or blessed, so that you hang them on the back of your main door and on each door of the rooms of your home.

Keep reserves of exorcised water, salt and oil, because you are going to need them for the spiritual combat to decontaminate yourselves and decontaminate your home.   I tell you this, because in those days everything will be contaminated by evil entities that will roam in the air.

Bless and seal all with My Blood, breaking with the power of My Blood the curses that the children of darkness will make in those days. Litanies to My Precious Blood will decontaminate you.  The power of My Stations of the Cross will make the demons retreat and free many souls from being lost.

So, keep in mind the spiritual instruction I am giving you, for you will need it tomorrow so that you may remain standing in victory.

The Rosary of My Mother, the Rosary of my Precious Blood, the Rosary of my Wounds, My Stations of the Cross, the Consecration to My Precious Blood, the Shield of My Blood, I have given My Enoch, the prayer and the exorcism of our beloved Michael, the power of My Angels and the Triduum to the Holy Trinity, are powerful spiritual weapons that will keep you protected and will give you great victories over the evil forces.

Do not forget that before entering the spiritual combat, you must put on your Spiritual Armor, wearing it like a soldier going into battle. As you are doing the prayer of protection, you place it on your body like this:

I put on the belt of Truth, you simulate you are putting on a belt, I put on the Breastplate of Righteousness, you simulate you are putting on a breastplate.  The shield of Faith,  you simulate you are taking up a shield, the helmet of Salvation, you simulate you are putting a helmet on your head, the sandals of Peace, think that you are putting on shoes and finally simulate that you are wearing on your waist the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

Do not forget to strengthen your armor by praying Psalm 91. This you must do morning and night. So, be prepared, My flock, because the days of spiritual battle are about to begin.

My peace I leave you, My peace I give you.

Repent and convert, for the kingdom of God is near.

Your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Let My messages be known to all humanity.”

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