Exorcism: Demon Veroba Speaks

Soon, Jesus Christ will no longer even be present at all Masses. Even now, He is no longer present everywhere

Warnings From Beyond (Hell) To the Contemporary Church

Avertissements de l'Au-delà à l'Eglise contemporaine - Aveux de l'Enfer

The book essentially exposes the remarks and gestures made by a possessed woman in Switzerland during 1975‑1978. Speaking through the possessed woman, the demons were forced to tell the truth by Our Lady under the Solemn Church Exorcism, which was witnessed by the following priests who have all expressed their conviction of the authenticity of the revelations made by the demons upon the order of the Blessed Virgin.

Avertissements de l'Au-delà à l'Eglise contemporaine - Aveux de l'Enfer

1. Abbot Albert‑l`Arx, Niederbuchorten
2. Abbot Arnold Elig, Ramiswil
3. Abbot Ernest Fischer, Missionary, Gossau (St.‑Gall).
4. Rev. Father Pius Gervasi, O.S.B., Disentis
5. Abbot Karl Holdener, Ried
6. Rev. Father Gregoire Meyer, ‑ Trimbach
7. Rev. Father Robert Rinderer, C.P.P.S., Auw
8. Abbot Louis Veillard, Cerneux‑Pequignot

Eight priests are Swiss, except Father E. Fischer, a German. All participated in the exorcisms except Father G. Meyer who was spiritual director of the possessed woman. Two other French priests also participated in the exorcisms.




Avertissements de l'Au-delà à l'Eglise contemporaine - Aveux de l'Enfer


January 12, 1976: Preparations: Prayers, blessings, dedications, prescribed psalms, three Rosaries (Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries) Litanies of the Saints, prayers of exorcism, etc.




Veroba, an angelic demon from the Choir of Powers


Exorcist: We order you, Veroba, in the name…, you must tell the truth, say exactly what the Blessed Virgin wishes!

Veroba: The good people are even fighting with each other. It used not to be like that. Formerly, the good were united. Confusion has now begun and is heading towards its climax. But it will become even worse.

Exorcist: Continue, in the name…!

Veroba: At the present time, all of a sudden, men do not look so often at the Holy Scripture. Moreover, it is explained differently everywhere, or even distorted and arranged differently, and interpreted according to the individual’s own ideas. Only the Holy Scripture that has not been falsified, the good, old, traditional Holy Scripture should be retained. All the rest is part of the plan (of the demons); you could say it is poisoned.

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth! Speak, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, of all the holy Angels and Archangels, and in the name of the Immaculate!

Veroba: The Great Lady wishes to save all those whom she can. The world is so corrupt that she is no longer able to save all people en masse. Nevertheless, she still wants to do everything that she can. She loves her children, loves them more than most of them would have deserved.

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, in the name…!

Veroba: If only we were still loved with one-tenth of that love! (He sighs dreadfully) She loves her children as only a mother can. That is why many good people, particularly from among the laity, must turn to her: all must pray, but they must also suffer for and on behalf of the salvation of other souls who would otherwise be lost or sink deeper into the ways which lead to perdition. The confusion is frightful and it will become even worse. But you must carry out all her wishes!

Exorcist: What does the Blessed Virgin wish? Speak, in the name…!

Veroba: That you persevere on this road, that you do not deviate from it in the slightest way, even if the devil were to rush up at you on stilts.

Exorcist: Tell the truth, say what you must say, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin and in the name of the Most Holy Trinity!

Veroba: The Pope can be a consolation for you: he is suffering even more than you. For a long time, he has wished that everything could come to an end. But he has to go on praying and making sacrifices. You (priests) must help him.

Lay people must also join in. There is a real need at this time for better discernment to be able to counteract all the varied opinions that are believed to be correct, because everyone thinks he has the right answer even when it is incorrect.

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, Veroba, say what the Blessed Virgin charges you to say! You have no right to lie.

Veroba: If she weren’t in Heaven and if she could still become discouraged she would have become fed up a long time ago. But she is patient; she is infinitely more patient than all men put together…If only she had this patience…could still exercise this patience… with us (he sighs piteously) We in Hell no longer expect it. Now we can do nothing more except make revelations to you. Ah! To think that we still have to reveal to you what we would rather not!

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth! You must tell it, in the name of the Blessed Virgin, Veroba! You must tell the truth!

Veroba: Soon, Jesus Christ will no longer even be present at all Masses. Even now, He is no longer present everywhere. There are already many priests who do not believe in the sacramental presence of Jesus Christ at the Consecration. It is very sad; there are no longer many graces coming from it (the Consecration) or scarcely any.

If all those who call themselves priests were to still say the Mass -the Mass of Saint Pius V – properly, the world would change in a sensational manner. But, unhappily, this is not the case. To bring this about, we have had to take the matter up strongly with the cardinals, then with the bishops and priests and finally, with the laity. A cardinal, a bishop or priest is always a thousand times more important than a layperson, at all events, for our purposes.

Exorcist: Veroba, continue! Say what you have to say, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, in the name…!

Veroba: If the Great Lady could still weep – she does still weep during her apparitions – but if she could still weep in Heaven, the whole earth would be drenched with her tears. She still has pity for these miserable earthworms; in her compassion, she tries to call them back or hold them back. But men don’t want that; they go on blindly, throwing themselves into the nets of these puppets, who are nothing but our lieutenants, our publicity agents. But people don’t believe this. That is a huge win for us, that it is not believed any more!

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, Veroba, in the name of the Blessed Virgin who is suffering so much in Heaven, and in the name of the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI!

Veroba: Even Judas, with his odious betrayal, was less wicked than many of today’s priests. Judas did not act in such a secret way. He felt that Jesus was aware of his guilt. Then he repented and threw his thirty pieces of silver into the temple, saying: “I have delivered up Innocent Blood.” Is there even one priest today who still does that? Those of today are much more villainous. Not one of them would be sorry for the evil he is doing, and that is contagious. They are infected right into the marrow of their bones and they aid and abet each other in such a way that everything may be hidden and remain so. But for how much longer?

Until the time when that will all be shattered on the great day, when it will no longer be we who have the upper hand, but the Church. What the Church has represented up until the present day cannot simply be thrown overboard, discarded like a worn-out shoe, or like a threadbare overcoat that needs to be patched up with other material!

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity! Veroba: It is sad for the Great Lady and for Heaven, that so many good people, whom she loves so much and who should be going hand in hand with her to Heaven, are now paralyzed. Many do not know anymore what they ought to do in the midst of this confusion; and imperceptibly, the danger of falling into error looms up on them. That is why I, Veroba, have to say: “You must pray a lot to the Holy Spirit. It is impossible to pray too much to the Holy Spirit.”

Exorcist: Tell the truth, Veroba! Say everything you have to say on behalf of the Blessed Virgin!

Veroba: I would rather not have said that! I don’t want to say any more!

Exorcist: You must say now what you have to say, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity!

Veroba: She makes me say: “Do not despair, even if some of the just are mistaken about you”. Jesus predicted: “The time will come when whoever kills you will believe he is doing a holy duty for God”. That time is here now. They will not kill you straight away; many have already been killed, but not you. Inevitably, you must undergo persecutions. But it will become even worse. It will not last more than ten years. Even we do not know how long. We ourselves know only that it is near. Christ Himself has said: “You know neither the day, nor the hour when the Son of Man will come”. That is true, not only of the end of the world, but equally so regarding the Chastisement. In saying that. He also meant the Chastisements, as well as the individual death of every man. The Warning is part of the Chastisement, which will not be so light! The Chastisement will commence with the Warning – it will be, so to speak, the first part.

Exorcist: Tell the truth, Veroba, say what you must say and nothing but the truth!

Veroba: It will not last more than ten years. According to our calculations, it could well be possible that the Warning – but as I said, we in Hell do not know (frightful grumbling). The many prayers being said are the reason Heaven is still holding the Chastisement back. In fact, it is paradoxical to continue praying. With the delaying of the Warning and Chastisement, the confusion is only growing greater. Nevertheless, prayer is necessary. She wants it, because through prayer, many more souls are saved (spine-tingling roaring).


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