Euthanasia is murder. Defend life

Anyone who interrupts the cycle of life through Euthanasia or under authorization to interrupt is a murderer. Its sentence will be: Eternal Death!


September 21, 2016
Appeal of Jesus ​​the Good Shepherd to His Flock

Euthanasia is murder. Defend life

“My peace be with you, sheep of my flock.

My flock, Euthanasia is murder. No human being can interrupt the cycle of life, arguing that it is done for severe pain or to grant a dignified death to the person who is brain dead or suffering from a long illness.

Who are you mortals, to decide who lives or who must die? Stop believing that you are gods; do you believe you can interrupt the cycle of life, going over my Will?

I tell you: Anyone who interrupts the cycle of life through Euthanasia or under authorization to interrupt is a murderer. If the laws of this world do not judge him and he does not repent and makes reparation for this crime, when he arrives in eternity, My Divine Justice will take care of judging him and I assure you that Its sentence will be: Eternal Death!

I condemn every practice that seeks to interrupt the cycle of life!

Don’t you know, foolish ones that if a person is suffering in this world, it is because My will so want it, so that his soul be purified and be saved?

It is I Who gives or takes life away; life and death come from Me. Only your God has the power to give or take away life.

When a human being is in a coma or in a vegetative state, through brain death or is suffering from a long illness, it is because I am purifying him in this world so that he may rise to eternal glory and does not perish. Do not interrupt my Will, because your thoughts are not my thoughts, nor your ways are my ways!

I am appealing to all medical professionals, to all those who legislate laws against life and to the rulers of this world, to stop playing at being gods and to respect life as a gift that comes from God. No mortal, for any reason or personal interest can interrupt the gift of life; to do so and not to repent and not to make reparation for it will mean that when he arrives at the eternity, what it is sure is his eternal death.

My flock, the New World Order, near to establish itself in this world has as one of its objectives to establish Euthanasia; with this, they are seeking to take life away to millions of people. All is part of a plan orchestrated by the emissaries of evil, to diminish the world population. In this macabre plan of extermination, are going to be involved many health and medical professionals, along with many clinics and hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists; government entities and rulers of nations.

They want to get rid of the population of elderly, children, disabled, sick and all those who are a burden to the states.

My flock, defend life, because this should be at the top of all interests and human decisions.

The respect for life is a natural right, which no human being can remove or manipulate; life and dignity of man must prevail over all human decisions. Stand up, My people, do not remain silent; raise your voices and defend the right to life as a gift from God! Do not let this vile outrage against life take from you the most precious gift I have given you: the right to live and to multiply.

Sheep of my flock, the emissaries of evil who decide the fate of humanity in their secret meetings have as their primary objective to eliminate much of the world’s population; according to them, the weakest must die; they argue that only the strong and powerful should live. The sick, the elderly, the disabled and third world children should disappear.

There are already sterilization campaigns in the active female population in Africa and America; their goal is to reduce the birth rate on these continents, so that the population does not continue to grow.

Racism and xenophobia, which is an aversion to everything foreign, is increasing in many large nations. Racial discrimination is going to cause much bloodshed. In the final reign of My adversary, many people of color and many foreigners who live in the great nations, especially those from the poorest countries, will be persecuted, tortured and made to disappear.

Prepare yourselves, my flock, because the days of your purification are approaching. Do not fear those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul; fear, rather, him who can destroy both soul and body in the fire. (Matthew 10:28) On your way to eternity, my flock, I will give you the strength to be able to resist the days of purification. Who can separate you from the love of God?  Remain in the faith and in My love.

The strength of faith and love will lead you safely to the gates of the New Creation.

My Peace I leave you, My peace I give you. Repent and convert for the kingdom of God is at hand.”

Your Master, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Make known my messages, sheep of my Flock.”


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