Does the devil exist? Find out

An unexplained image appears in a drug users wedding photo. It looks like a dog or a demon and he is motivated to change. From Fox 31 Twin Cities.


Watch this video and see what was caught by a camera in a wedding.

Jesus says: “In books of magic it is stated that one of the forms preferred by satan to appear to men is that of a mysterious dog or cat or billy-goat. 

The two most common means adopted by Satan to conquer souls are sensuality and gluttony. He always starts from material things. Once he has dismantled and subdued the material side, he attacks the spiritual part.

First the morals: thoughts with their pride and greed; then the spirit, obliterating not only its love -which no longer exists when man replaces divine love with other human loves- but also the fear of God. Then man surrenders his body and soul to Satan, only for the sake of enjoying what he wants, and enjoying it more and more.”