Doctrine and Truth

“There is no other God apart from Us: Triune. There is no other Religion but our centuries -old one. There is no other future, on the Earth and beyond, except the one conveyed to you by the holy Books. Everything else is a Lie destined to be put to shame by Him who is Justice and Truth”


Doctrine and Truth

Those kissed by God are the ones who lead the chaste, mortified, and loving life of the servant of God. Those who flee applause and hate to be known

God did not make male and female so that they would reach the point of exhaustion and nausea in their vices. Remember my commandments and my words

Nothing makes it licit for you to be adulterous. Nothing. Neither the abandonment or illness of a spouse, and much less his or her more or less hateful character

My Church has already known periods of obscurantism due to a number of different things

In order not to admit God, who, in His power, you take the paternity of a beast as your own

"I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob. Not the God of the dead, but of the living"

You reject God and worship the idols of an obscene, demoniac religion

The learned and scientists do not understand, nor do believers or atheists

The only thing that is reincarnated is this theory of yours, which flourishes again like mold in alternating periods of spiritual obscurity

Charity is the greatest form of absolution. Charity consumes the sins and the weaknesses of man

I understand what Paradise is. And what its Beauty, Nature, Light, and Song are made of. It is made by Love. Paradise is Love

The world is becoming a chaos without light because the light of believing is increasingly going out in hearts

Turn to Me. You will know and understand and be saved, for you will encounter the Truth

People's lives are the gift of God and only God Who gives life, has the authority to take it. It is not lawful to do violence to anybody, not even to oneself

When you call out to Him for help, God has already made provision. But it is necessary to have faith. Great faith. And great gratitude

I recognize that God makes no distinction among persons, but in any nation whoever fears Him and practices justice is acceptable to Him

O lukewarm Catholic Christians, how often my Word shines and becomes light in the hearts of those who are not your brothers and sisters in Catholicism

You shall be rewarded even for a glass of water. And a good word receives a much greater reward than a glass of water

I want to have you observe the first chapter of Genesis. A sentence which is repeated six times, one for each day of creation: And God saw that it was good

The priest, while exercising his priestly functions, is worthy of the maximum respect

Not even for an instant do we cease to observe divine, loving Justice and your souls, that are cleansed amidst the fires of love

If you don't love your neighbors, you don't love God, and if you don't love God, you cannot enter his Kingdom

Do you see how good the Lord is to those who are entirely his own?

God is light. This is the only thing that can still represent God without being antithetical to his spiritual Essence. The light exists, and yet it is incorporeal

There is no need to tempt a man of the world who lives for the flesh. Satan knows that he is already working on his own to kill his soul and lets him act

I will repeat a thousand times: to know God and serve Him, to know Him in things, to see Him in events

Many souls are lost because they "want to seek what is above them, and what is above their capacity for inquiry" as Sirach says (3:22). It's the ancient venom

There is one Gospel: mine. There is one Church: mine, Roman Catholic. There is one Altar. There is one Cross: mine

But what is mine remains. Neither man nor the devil can destroy it