Do not stay in the street until the wee hours of the night

The evil spirits are already prowling in the wee hours of the night, seeking the bodies of the souls distant from God in order to possess them

February 15 2017
Urgent appeal from Mary, the Sanctifier to the children of God

Do not stay in the street until the wee hours of the night

“The peace of my Lord be with you, little children of My Heart.

Little children, the battles between good and evil are soon to enter into your world.

The forces of evil are being displaced from the heavenly places and very soon, the battles will be carried out on Earth.

The wickedness and sin of the men of these end times are the source of strength for the demons; that is why these evil forces are coming down to Earth to strengthen themselves and to begin the Great Armageddon.

Take great care, little children, because there are already in your world many souls possessed by the demons; remember that under no circumstances are you to engage in disputes and quarrels with your brethren who are possessed, for the quarrel is not with flesh and blood, but with the powers and principalities, with the evil spirits that dwell in the heavenly places; because they have command, power and dominion over this dark world.

The strength of these incarnated spiritual entities is huge and the only way to overcome them is with combative prayer; by invoking the power of the Holy Spirit of God and the power of the Precious Blood and Wounds of My Beloved Son.

The evil spirits are already prowling in the wee hours of the night, seeking the bodies of the souls distant from God in order to possess them. Do not stay, My little children, in the street until the wee hours of the night, so as not to bring upon yourselves unpleasant surprises.

The armies of evil will attack you from all sides, especially through the spiritual doors opened with unconfessed and unrepented sins. In all areas of your life, you will encounter attacks from the evil one; the worst enemies are going to be your own relatives. The world is going to enter into disputes and wars and the blood of men will be spilled in many nations.

The minds of men are going to be a battlefield and inside them, the strongest fights for your freedom will be fought.  Little children, bring every captive thinking into obedience to Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 10: 5).

Consecrate yourselves every day to the Blood of My Son and extend  this consecration to your relatives. May your material and spiritual life be sealed with the Blood of My Son, as well as your mind and senses.

In the little book of prayers and rosaries of the Good Shepherd given to our instrument Enoch, you will find prayers and rosaries that will serve you for the spiritual combat of each day; pray them together with the prayers of the Spiritual Armor, so that you can repel the attacks that the demons will send you to rob you of your peace and your soul.

People of God, you are My militant army; be prepared and obey all the instructions we are sending you through our messengers of these end times, so that you may defend yourselves from the attacks of the hosts of evil.

Stay vigilant, alert and watchful, warding off at all times the attacks against your mind.  Remember that my adversary knows you and knows your weaknesses; for that reason, he will attack your mind in order to be able to control your whole being and thus, to be able to have dominion over you and make you lose your soul.

Thus children of Mine always carry in your hands the power of My Holy Rosary and pray It morning and night so that you are protected. Consecrate yourselves to our Two Hearts as soon as possible and extend this consecration to your relatives.

Put on the Spiritual Armor morning and night and obey all our instructions so that you can remain victorious.

May the peace of My Lord remain in you.

Your Mother, Mary the Sanctifier, loves you.

Let My messages be known to all mankind, little children of My Heart.”

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