Continents will be merging into one

The impious nations will be punished by the fury of nature; the sin and the wickedness of these nations will be erased forever


November 5, 2015
Call of God the Father to Humanity

Continents will be merging into one

“My people, My inheritance, peace be with you.

My Creation is in the last pains of childbirth, be prepared, My people, because you will have to get used to live with the telluric movements; I do not seek with this to scare you, but rather to warn you so that you are prepared and nothing catches you by surprise.

In those days when the Earth is trembling, I ask you to keep calm and do not panic. Pray, implore and do penance and in the measure you do this, everything will be placating.

Understand people of Mine that everything is part of your purification and the purification of My Creation; there will be days when the ground shakes harder, but I repeat: keep calm and do not turn away from God and everything will go according to My designs.

The impious nations will be punished by the fury of nature; the sin and the wickedness of these nations will be erased forever.

Continents will be merging, there will be only one continent and all the misery and sin will be erased from the face of the earth.

The nations that have turned their backs on Me and where sin has taken root will disappear. In the cities of the nations, I will clean all those places where more intense sin and evil have been. I am going to tear out to the root the evil weed from the nations so that only the good harvest remains in them.

There is although short time left for you, ungodly nations, to repent and to return to My heart.

Remember that I am slow to anger and rich in mercy and I am not pleased with the death of the sinner, nor with the pain and the misery of my creatures. I desire you live and have eternal life.

Understand My children: it is not your Father the one to punish you: it is you with your sin and evil to cause My Justice to be activated.

I am Mercy and Justice, this is My essence; if you listen to My voice and put My Precepts into practice, you will live in my Mercy; but if you move away from Me and violate my Precepts, you will know My Justice; My Justice is straight and inexorable and gives each one according to his works. You are the ones who choose My Mercy or My Justice; it depends on you, because you well know that I respect your free will.

My children, the sin of today’s man has exceeded the limits of order and right; of all the existing generations, it is this generation of these end times the most sinful one and with the utmost compassion I have had for. I tell you, if I would release upon you My arm of justice, very few would be saved.

Sin and evil of this generation is so great that it makes the same hell shake. This is why I have been so patient and lenient, waiting to see if humanity reconsiders and returns to Me. My Love and My Mercy is greater with the sinner who repents; this generation of these end times has been the sickest morally, socially and spiritually of all the generations that have existed.

This is why as Father of humanity I have had greater patience with this generation, hoping that he reconsiders and returns as soon as possible to the love of God, to see if this way he does not have to know His Justice (of God).

I love you so much creatures of mine, that even knowing that you are the greatest sinners, I have chosen you so that tomorrow a remnant of you, will be My faithful people and will live with Me My New Heavens and my New Earth.

Prepare yourselves, people of Mine, because the last labor pains of My creation have begun.

The Earth will shake from east to west, from north to south. I warn you in advance so that when this happens you are already prepared and you can endure with faith and trust in God these days of transformation of My Creation.

Peace to you, People of Mine, My inheritance.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of the Nations.”