Be prepared, the days of war are coming

War will shake My Creation, which will groan with its final birth pains. Many nations will disappear from the face of the earth

March 09, 2016
Distressing appeal from God the Father to humanity

Be prepared, the days of war are coming

“My peace be with you. My people, My inheritance.

You are living the last days of peace; make the most of them and try to live in communion with God and your brothers.

Very soon, war will come and instead of peace and joy, what will come will be weeping and suffering. The fuse is already lit, the only thing missing is the kings of this world setting the date and the time; war is imminent and will involve all nations either passively or actively.

Pray, fast and do penance, My people; because very soon, My creation will be dressed in mourning and there will be weeping and suffering everywhere.

My people, weapons of mass destruction of the great powers of this world have the ability to destroy My creation in a fraction of a minute.

That is why I am asking you to pray, fast and do penance, asking your Father to contain the expansion and lengthening of the war; whether the days of war are prolonged or shortened it will depend upon your prayers and supplications.

It is not I, your Father, who will send you the scourge of war; it is the kings of this world who want to expand their domains and reduce a great part of the world’s population.

They will cause the war to fumigate the sky of many nations with the silent death.  Lethal gases, viral illnesses and other harmful gases damaging to health, will be scattered in the air of many Third World nations and their aim will be to reduce the population of these nations.  All of this will be accomplished under the complacency of their rulers.

There are millions of lethal vaccines ready to be applied on the population of these developing nations.  To become sick in those days is to run the risk of dying.

My people, the time of desolation is drawing near!  Sing plaintive hymns, because the horseman of famine, of pestilence and of death will soon plunge My Creation into mourning!   War will wake the fury of My Creation and this will allow its pitiful cry to be heard.

Many nations will disappear from the face of the earth, when they awaken fire dragons from the bowels of My Creation. 

War will shake My Creation, which will groan with its final birth pains; from east to west, north to south. Its suffering will move continents and everything will be ready to give birth to a new earth.

Woe to you mortals, for the great and terrible Day of the Lord is drawing near!  Wake up and clothe yourself in sackcloth; throw ashes on your head and do penance; for those days of sorrow, desolation and death will pass by as soon as possible!

Prepare yourselves, My People, because the days of war are coming. Stand firm in the faith; pray and trust in your God, so that you might get past this trial.  If you act this way, I assure you that these days will be like a dream for you.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of Nations.

Let My messages be known to all of humanity.”


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