Apocalypse Revealed: When is the End?

9 is the number, which the time is based upon. There are nine centuries in a unit of God's time. Alpha is God and Omega is God.


From the book dictated by the Angels to Marjorie Sampair:

The Trial Of America By God

Chapter 15:
When is the end?

Raffaele, Archangel of God and Mary Queen of the Angels:

9 is the number, which the time is based upon. There are nine centuries in a unit of God’s time. Alpha is God and Omega is God.

The beginning and the end.

Just as God in the beginning created the universe, so He is going to take it to an end.

The first nine centuries of the Church were the beginning of the church itself. The second nine centuries were the middle of the Church, and the third nine centuries will be the end of the Church and the end of the old Earth as well.

God has accelerated or compressed the time since the eighteenth century ended. With the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the last one of the times of the creation of God has begun.
Now every year is like nine years at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Thus, a century is equivalent to nine centuries, or to a unit of God’s time.

Therefore, at the beginning of the twentieth century there were three units of time. In the year 1900, according to the calculation of men, God accelerated time again. From 1900 to 1927 each year, was equivalent to 27 years. From 1927 to 1967, each year was equivalent to 81 years.


At the fulfillment of nine units from the time of Christ’s death. Unilateral peace will begin at the completion of the 9th Unit, and by 1969, the 8th unit will become complete.

At the beginning of 1969 the time will be accelerated until there will be no way to calculate the exact end.


THE UNILATERAL PEACE, the peace for those who love God and follow Mary, the Mother of God, to the Safe Place where no harm can reach them. However, for those who follow Satan and refuse to abandon the mundane ways, there will be no peace until the Tribulation have hit them.


The 10th unit will go back to the time when God created the universe, and it is limitless.

Do you understand the meaning of God’s time, the compression of time and its slowdown?

Time is God. Time is the third part of the universe. It is the trajectory of the stars orbit. It is the trajectory of the earth around the sun. When time is accelerated, the whole universe moves on a timeless orbit around the mind of God, increasingly faster. Since everything moves at the same time, no one can discover the change of speed.

But, the continuous creation of the Earth is accelerated and it is also accelerated the acquisition of knowledge by men. Man, in his pride, thinks he has done it all by himself.

Yet, the material he uses for his technical progress has always been on Earth. Only the evolution or continuous creation of the mind of man has thus been compressed that God has allowed men to acquire the knowledge of the atom, the waves in the atmosphere and the power to create rockets and spaceships. This knowledge would take hundreds of years without God’s direct intervention. But, man, in his ignorance, thinks he has acquired this knowledge with his own brain.

The brain of man is smaller than the brains of many animals. What does then make the man think that his brain has created these wonders with his own hands? It is the mind of man who has now reached his CHILDHOOD; childhood that man believes to be the greatest that can happen to him. He is honest. He will be slowed down and will not be able to go beyond until he turns his mind to God, who is the only One who can teach man’s mind to reach its maturity.

The Tribulation does not need to come to punish the earth.


This depends on you. Because only if many people are going to pray the Rosary the reparation can be achieved.

God, in His mercy, still gives you the chance to do it. Raise your eyes to the heavens. Look at the stars in their whirling trajectory and let your mind be open to life-gift of the strength of the Eternal Mind of God.

Raffaele, Archangel of God and Mary Queen of the Angels




From the book dictated by the Angels to Marjorie Sampair:

The Trial Of America By God

The book, “The Trial of America By God“, is a story of faith. It is the faith of a humble woman who let a force, she knew little about, take over her hand and guide her pen. And it takes the faith of the reader to accept these words for what they are, messages from Heaven. In 1968, Marjorie Sampair was living in a modest home in Tacoma, Washington. “She was an average woman who was busy with the affairs of her family, before she was called on by God to write a book.” You can find the story in the beginning of the book. For now, we would just like to give a brief explanation of how it was written. This book was written as many of the books in the Bible were written,  through a form of writing known as automatic writing. The pen is held lightly in the hand and begins to move seemingly of its own power. In Numbers 36:13 we read, “These are the commandments and judgments, which the Lord commanded by the hand of Moses to the children of Israel.” There are many other examples given in the Bible. A list of examples of how God wrote through the hand is available. While we do not wish to suggest that all automatic writing is from God, by your faith you will have to decide as to the authenticity of this book. Why was this book written? That question is best answered by Heaven. So read the excerpts given here, and pray to the Queen of Heaven for the gift of Faith. She will take your request to Christ, Her son.

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"I tell you these things to help you to realize the underlying evil at work and hidden in hearts these days. You cannot be confounded by any turn of events. Over all situations, I am in Dominion. No one will be given power over you that is more powerful than your Eternal Father. Therefore, be emboldened with this knowledge. If you persevere in Truth, you have loaded your weapons against what seems to be and discharged them with Truth." (Source: Holy Love)