Apocalypse Revealed: Visit to the New Earth

In the home of the New Earth, matter becomes energy and it is stored under the ground as long as it is necessary or desired. Therefore, nothing clutters the Earth

The Trial Of America By God

Chapter 21 (part 1) – Chapter 22 (part 2) :

Chapter 21
Visit to the New Earth – Part 1

“The new Earth will be inhabited by new men of great beauty and intelligence with harmonized minds and capable of knowledge and creativity, also imagined by the greatest minds of the old Earth. Mary, the Mother of God, will take you to visit a new man, a new woman and a new child: a new family of the New Earth. The light comes from cosmic rays. It has no heat or harmful rays. It is a soft light and it is never too dim or too bright. You see a sphere of light… and a man emerges from it. Now his wife appears… You hear them talking, but their lips are motionless. You now understand that their words have formed in your mind… “.

 Raffaele, Archangel of God and Mary Queen of the Angels:

 “I, Rafael, write to exalt the very beautiful Queen of Heaven. THE NEW EARTH IS A PLACE OF GREAT HAPPINESS AND JOY. THE MEN OF THE NEW EARTH SPEAK THROUGH THE MIND. The language of the whole earth is the same. You will not recognize the words but these will be translated mentally. ‘Alleluia ‘ is the only word you will recognize.


A word has the meaning of an entire sentence, and the mind of man opens to the introduction of a word to allow the mind of God to be accepted. The meaning is clear, because His mind is perfect in ideas, precise in philosophy… IT IS ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

Let us meet the family that we came to visit… This is Nelele, a father of the New Earth. His wife Nelelea is followed by Nelelia, their son. THEY HAVE JUST RETURNED FROM THE NEW HEAVEN, WHERE THEY WENT TO VISIT THE SAINTS OF THEIR FAMILY.

In the home of the New Earth, matter becomes energy and it is stored under the ground as long as it is necessary or desired. Therefore, nothing clutters the Earth that can be enjoyed in its total beauty without being damaged by man’s ornaments. Let the warmth of the Earth shower you a sense of well-being.

Nelele is telling you not to be afraid of this New Earth. The God of the Old Earth is the same, but only now you can see Him, talk to Him and turn to Him. You will be a guest for a short time of Nelele and his family. You will go with them AND YOU WILL MEET NOT ONLY MEN, BUT ALSO SAINTS AND ANGELS.

 Defects and vices are gone. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT.

Men are able to take atoms from the ground, from water and from light, through a process that you cannot fully comprehend. The potential food is all around them.

 Trees give their fruits; the ground produces food without working it. No effort is needed. Everything is accomplished mentally and their hunger is fulfilled.

The men of the New Earth call one another through mind power.

The family is now praying: They are kneeling in circles, and at the center, there is a so all blazing figure of light that you cannot recognize it.

When you kneel and look at the bright face, you recognize the Christ! You lower your eyes and talk to Him with respect. He answers! How much joy fills your heart! Your mind is as ecstatic! He speaks to you! And His voice is so tender, so sweet and so beautiful! He warmly welcomes you in the New Earth and invites you to visit the Angels and the Saints. Your eyes are closed, but you see His Face impressed in your mind and your love for Jesus, the Son of God, who grows deep and strong. One hand touches your head, blessing. He goes away.

Everyone stays kneeling. They pray the rosaries that shine like pearls in the cosmic light. Their hands touch a rosary and respond to prayers in their minds. “Hail Mary, full of Grace,” prays Nelele. « The Lord is with you. You are blessed among women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus!” You pray and hear the silent voices of others as they pray with you. «Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us now and always. Amen “.

When you finish the first ten, a Lady appears where Christ was before. You open your eyes, watch Her and while you are doing it you feel great astonishment. You recognize Her voice. The Lady is the most beautiful view you have ever seen. Her robe is white and shines with light. A blue mantle covers Her hair falling down up to Her feet. It is a deep blue as the depths of the sea and the heights of the skies. Her hair, under the mantle, are brown suspended and loose to life. Even Her eyes are brown and Her skin is similar to the cream of milk.

Her smile is as sweet as that of Her Son. She stands still, suspended from the ground. The Rosary continues and you understand that the garlands of roses, at Her feet, are the prayers of the Rosary. The scent of roses fluctuates in the air. She waits for the prayers to end.

 When the last ‘Glory’ disappears from your mind, She speaks. She speaks of Her love for all humankind, of the glory of God, of the power and goodness of Her Son. She also invites you TO BE HER GUEST IN THE NEW HEAVEN.

At Her presence, you remain speechless. You can only nod, and then Mary leaves, carrying the garlands of roses to lay at the feet of Jesus, Her Son.

Nelele’s family stays kneeled, with bowed heads. Then, like in a dream, you see a shining light appearing and out of it, the shape of an angel emerges that carries in his hand a gold chalice and the pure white Host. The angel offers Holy Communion to everyone around the circle and, at the end, stops in front of you. It comes to your mind a prayer of profound thanksgiving and you receive the Body and Blood of Christ.

Once again, you listen to His voice: your body has an extraordinary feeling, in some way strong and perfect. You have become like a new man of the New Earth, through the power and love of Christ.

In the New Earth, smiling is the only emotion that everyone knows beside love. You are never sad, angry, full of hatred, fearful, envious, jealous or greedy. No one feels either superior or inferior to others. You are you, and that is all you need to know.

As a child must learn to speak with his voice, you must learn to speak with your mind. First, you need to discover the great power you possess, because your mind is in harmony with the mind of God.

Listen to God’s mind. Love must reach you. The great, overwhelming love of God must fill your mind and your spirit, and you will know that you are a true son of God. His love for you surrounds you like a warm ocean. It has no end. You are safe at last. Your mind is free from doubt and uncertainty. The cloud of original sin has been removed and you are inundated by the light of Jesus… The light of truth and of knowledge.

Now, your mind returns to the time of Creation and you see how God, the Master of the universe, creates the stars, the planets and how He imprints them the movement. You are beside Him when He hovers over the dark planet Earth, and finally you know how and why your Earth began to produce life.

You know the garden of Adam and Eve, you know the anguish of God when Eve, the first, disobeyed Him. You are taken by compassion for the people who lived on the Old Earth.


Now you are truly free. You and the family can live in this paradise without any restriction except that imposed by love.

By giving thanks, you and your family kneel in circles to praise God AND THANK CHRIST FOR HIS GREAT SACRIFICE THAT MADE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE.

The first experience of prayer is repeated when Christ appears in the middle of the circle, blazing in His Regal Glory and extraordinarily sweet in His talking.

Then the Rosary is recited and the Mother of Jesus appears as the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

You do not know how long you remain praying, because time is not measured, it flows just like a river that has no beginning or end except in the Ocean of God: the eternity.

Prayer ends. You are alone. You hear your husband that is speaking softly by interrupting your thoughts about God.

Chelele suggests a trip to see the rest of the New Earth and to meet other people. Nelele appears to guide you. Their kids want to go ahead. You are being told that the journey does not happen by means of transportation but by mind. All you have to do is to think where you want to be… Suddenly you are inside the sphere of light, you feel like light, free as feathers. The movement is instantaneous. You find yourself (where you have decided to go) before you even realize you have moved.

You want to go home… The children came as if they had been called. You are back in the sphere of light and then you are at home.

You wish to visit the New Heaven! For this trip, you need a permit. You kneel in circles and pray. The Virgin Mary appears to welcome your request. You wait briefly. She returns with Her Son’s answer. YOU CAN VISIT THE NEW HEAVEN».

 Chapter 22
Visit to the New Earth – Part II

 Gabriel, Archangel of God and Mary Queen of the Angels:

 «Chelele and Chelelea are the names that were given, in the New Earth, to Mr and Mrs. Sampair. Nelele and his family were guests of the family of Chelele, who showed and explained to them the new life. The transportation is no other than a sphere of light, brighter than the cosmic light that floods the New Earth with wonderful colors.

The sphere of light appears instantly and disappears when one exits it. The trip is instantaneous. There is no feeling of movement. The force that is utilized is mind power; therefore, it is self-transportation.

One does not need food. The body uses atoms of the ground, of the air and of the water. No furniture, houses or other objects made by man clutter the New Earth. Matter can be stored as energy under the ground. The power of mind creates the whole.

 Everything is perfection of family properties. There is no fear, pain, hunger, thirst, crying, hatred, jealousy or other emotion. Just love and joy. There is no night. There is no need to sleep or to rest; Everyone’s thoughts range from idea to idea, from place to place; Change is accessible without the need for change.

Children, after a brief period of education, no longer need surveillance, because there is no danger.

Parents can call their children mentally. The family environment of the earth is possible (except for sin), but it is not desired.

The extraordinary mind of man is fully developed.

 Now we enter the wonderful New Earth and let us stop at the seashore.

The sea in front of you is inhabited by men. In water there is oxygen so that you can breathe. Yet it does not fill you with water. You descend a slope up to great depth, where you reach the dwellings of men.

THESE ONES ARE THE RESURRECTED MARTYRS WHO WILL DIE IN TRIBULATION. They live in palaces similar to glass and have beautiful gardens of plants and terrestrial flowers. They have dogs and cats, favorite animals, and there are birds perched on the branches of the anemones and sea algae…

There is a region very similar to a jungle, where you see lions, tigers, elephants, antelopes… Moreover, they all eat grass peacefully. No fight for survival! Observe how some children run into this jungle, as they ride lions and play with tigers. You understand that there is no danger.

Keep looking until you see the species of animals that once used to wander through the arid land. It strikes you as logical change, because the oceans cover two thirds of the Earth’s surface and there is place for everyone, without overcrowding, and without feeling the need to fight against each other for food.

Here, in the fertile land of the ocean, where for thousands of years marine life has made it rich of plants that grow at unprecedented dimension; those who inhabit it have enough to eat… The Earth’s changes were caused by cosmic radiation. They ignited the atoms of the scorching white ground and were inverted.

Your mind is full of reverent fear and admiration for a God whose creation of the New Earth surpasses man’s imagination.

He is the wisest, all goodness and love. It is God, your Creator and Father. The creative genius of His infinite mind has been brought to light in this world of perfection, in this cosmic Earth.


There is much, much more!

You have seen only the ends of the New Earth. You must to discover the Garden of Eden, the home of love, the most beautiful place of any other on this New Earth.

Will you gather your family together to make this last pilgrimage? Call them in your mind… Now, with the whole group, you are ready to go to the Beloved City, to the Mother of God. “

Gabriel, Archangel of God and of Mary Queen of the Angels.


From the book dictated by the Angels to Marjorie Sampair:

The Trial Of America By God
The book, “The Trial of America By God“, is a story of faith. It is the faith of a humble woman who let a force, she knew little about, take over her hand and guide her pen. And it takes the faith of the reader to accept these words for what they are, messages from Heaven. In 1968, Marjorie Sampair was living in a modest home in Tacoma, Washington. “She was an average woman who was busy with the affairs of her family, before she was called on by God to write a book.” You can find the story in the beginning of the book. For now, we would just like to give a brief explanation of how it was written. This book was written as many of the books in the Bible were written, through a form of writing known as automatic writing. The pen is held lightly in the hand and begins to move seemingly of its own power. In Numbers 36:13 we read, “These are the commandments and judgments, which the Lord commanded by the hand of Moses to the children of Israel.” There are many other examples given in the Bible. A list of examples of how God wrote through the hand is available. While we do not wish to suggest that all automatic writing is from God, by your faith you will have to decide as to the authenticity of this book. Why was this book written? That question is best answered by Heaven. So read the excerpts given here, and pray to the Queen of Heaven for the gift of Faith. She will take your request to Christ, Her son.

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