Apocalypse Revealed: The Churches Today

Every man, woman and child will be judged according to the knowledge of God, of His heart and of His desires. And not only based on faith, but according to his good works

From the book dictated by the Angels to Marjorie Sampair:

The Trial Of America By God

Chapter 12: 
Apocalypse Revealed: The Churches Today

Raffaele, the Angel of God and Mary Queen of the Angels:

“… Mary has appeared in Garabandal, Spain and has asked once again, as in Fatima, prayer and sacrifice…

THE WARNING WILL BE SENT TO PURIFY THE HEARTS OF HER CHILDREN IN PREPARATION FOR THE MIRACLE, which will be a miracle greater than the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima.

If this one is rejected, everything will be lost. If it is rejected, no other hand will be able to save the world, because there will be no one greater than Mary except the Most Holy Trinity.

How the Heart of Mary pleads for Her children! How She yearns to see them prostrate at the feet of Her great Son, for only then the punishment can be stopped.

Can you abandon hope for your children, you parents of the world?

How much less Mary can abandon hope for you, since you are all Her children! Only few will pay attention to the Warning. Just few. And the Miracle will be witnessed by thousands of people, but only few will remember. The sign of the Miracle will be televised in all parts of the globe. Will It be believed? Just by a little number.

If It is going to happen, what is going to be of the Chastisement? Will they turn to God the men in their distress, just to forget again in a short time?


Millions will die. Millions will be deceived by Satan in losing their immortal souls! A third of the world will be destroyed by the war, a third by the radioactive rain and a third by disease…”

Mary, the Mother of God:

“…THE END OF TIME IS APPROACHING, but men are too busy to see it happening. You (Marjorie) have opened your eyes long ago and God has helped you understand, in part, the prophecy that has been written in relation to these last days. Now you will understand ALL the prophecy because we are going to explain it in a simple language, easy to comprehend. Our words are not like the explanations of men, because men are not able to understand the mind of God. Never allow these words to be changed because they lose their meaning.

At the beginning of John’s Revelation, It has been told the Churches that God thinks of them. These churches are today churches… The first church is that of the English. The second is that of Europe, excluding Rome. The third church is the Church of Asia. The fourth church is the Catholic Church. The fifth church is the Protestant Church of America. The sixth Church is the Mormon Church. The seventh church is the Church of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Church of England has left the Catholic Church… Until it does not come back, it cannot be saved. The second church is that of Europe.

Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia and East Germany are now slaves of Russia and Christians have been and are still tortured and killed.

Asian Christians are in the land of Satan, because Chinese Communists have killed many of Christ’s greatest witnesses. The teaching of Balaam is the teaching of Buddha. Japan is also in this difficulty with India, Indochina, Vietnam and other countries.

The White Stone (Revelation 2.17) is a new prophecy and the new name is Mary, the Mother of God. The new name is the Most Holy Virgin, Queen of Heaven. Only those who receive and ACCEPT the name of Mary: This is the meaning of the last sentence.

The Catholic Church has allowed Jezebel, the NEW teaching in the seminars, to penetrate the church and heresy is the worst one in the history of the Catholic Church. Those who accept the new teachings commit adultery every time they use birth control. The bed of the marriage has become impure because of this “new morality”. Those who do not follow these teachings will have no other weight but to grieve because the Church has fallen. They, who win and return to the righteous path, will become the chosen People by God DURING THE THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE.


The Protestant Church of America has died because it was cut from the vineyard (the Catholic Church) and the branches are without roots. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS THE TRUE CHURCH OF GOD, SINCE IT WAS FOUNDED BY CHRIST.

But the Church has fallen. Only few keep the correct teachings. God knows there are some Protestants who are true Christians. And they will be saved. The Mormon church is a small but true Church of devout people (1). The door that was open is that of hard work, because the Mormons work very hard and have made the desert flourish… Mormons have not changed their faith. They will not be punished by tribulations.

The new name is MOTHER MARY, who is the city of God.

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that no one else will gain Heaven. They believe they are rich of the true knowledge of God, but they are poor because they do not know the mind of God as they claim. They are people without enthusiasm. They believe, with look of sufficiency, to be the only ones to understand God. And they read without the eager mind of learning, which would bring true knowledge. GOD WILL ERASE THIS CHURCH FROM THE EARTH and the only ones to survive are going to be those who listen and believe in the Truth.

The churches must be judged more harshly than the ones outside the Church, because they got to know God but did not follow His words. Jesus came to establish His Church on Earth with the sole purpose of saving souls. The churches are now only interested in their members and it has been done little to spread the words of Christ, except in foreign missions. While the largest and closest harvest is at home.

And He will give each one according to His words. This must be affirmed: Every man, woman and child will be judged according to the knowledge of God, of His heart and of His desires. And not only based on faith, but according to his good works.”

Now we begin to believe that God is really just

Mary, the Mother of God…




From the book dictated by the Angels to Marjorie Sampair:

The Trial Of America By God

The book, “The Trial of America By God“, is a story of faith. It is the faith of a humble woman who let a force, she knew little about, take over her hand and guide her pen. And it takes the faith of the reader to accept these words for what they are, messages from Heaven. In 1968, Marjorie Sampair was living in a modest home in Tacoma, Washington. “She was an average woman who was busy with the affairs of her family, before she was called on by God to write a book.” You can find the story in the beginning of the book. For now, we would just like to give a brief explanation of how it was written. This book was written as many of the books in the Bible were written,  through a form of writing known as automatic writing. The pen is held lightly in the hand and begins to move seemingly of its own power. In Numbers 36:13 we read, “These are the commandments and judgements, which the Lord commanded by the hand of Moses to the children of Israel.” There are many other examples given in the Bible. A list of examples of how God wrote through the hand is available. While we do not wish to suggest that all automatic writing is from God, by your faith you will have to decide as to the authenticity of this book. Why was this book written? That question is best answered by Heaven. So read the excerpts given here, and pray to the Queen of Heaven for the gift of Faith. She will take your request to Christ, Her son.

coronavirusThe truth about the Coronavirus

God the FatherMay 1, 2020 - God the Father says: "Today, I invite you to realize that this virus - the coronavirus - is no ordinary disease. It has been created from human ingenuity to specifically target the elderly and physically challenged. This is the plan of future generations to purify the human race around the world. It was released into the general population ahead of schedule - by accident. Those in charge were waiting for less capable government officials in your country (USA) to be in office. Nevertheless, proposed harm is being unleashed on the whole human race."

"I tell you these things to help you to realize the underlying evil at work and hidden in hearts these days. You cannot be confounded by any turn of events. Over all situations, I am in Dominion. No one will be given power over you that is more powerful than your Eternal Father. Therefore, be emboldened with this knowledge. If you persevere in Truth, you have loaded your weapons against what seems to be and discharged them with Truth." (Source: Holy Love)

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