Apocalypse Revealed: The Chapters of the Book of John explained

All those who worship Satan and bear the sign of sin on their souls, will be lost. Those who will receive the sign of identification on the hand or on the forehead will be thrown into hell

From the book dictated by the Angels to Marjorie Sampair:

The Trial Of America By God

Chapter 14:
The Chapters of the Book of John explained

Mary, the Mother of God:

“The little book is the prophecy of My Children of Fatima and of Garabandal. I am the Mother of God; I am the true Prophetess of these days. I came to earth to beseech souls, beseech them with true sorrow, because the only way to return to My Son is through repentance, reparation and sacrifice. Pray! Pray the Rosary! “, invites the Mother of God to Her children.

The 6th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

The first horse is the Gospel that conquers the hearts of men. When the Gospel is going to spread throughout the world, then the end will come. Has this not been fulfilled?

The Red Horse is the horse of war. It will take peace away from the earth and men will kill each other. Has this not been fulfilled?

The Black Horse is the horse of the black race. This has been trampled for centuries and they will now rise and protest for equality and justice. Has this not been fulfilled?

The pale green Horse is the horse of disease and pestilence. On the whole Earth the great plagues of flu, leprosy, cancer, heart disease and many other scourges have struck men this century like never before, because the last days are on you. Has this not been fulfilled?

The fifth Seal -the martyrs.

Many think that in the last days, all the Christians will be imprisoned and many martyrs will die in all Christian countries. So many martyrs have died and will continue to die, because the Communists have accomplished evil undertakings and the number told in the Bible is now complete. The sixth seal will be open soon. The signs and the wonders described here are the last to be accomplished. THESE ARE THE SIGNS, THE WONDERS OF THE WARNING, OF THE CHASTISEMENT AND OF THE OTHER EVENTS that will be revealed to you afterwards.

Are you beginning to realize the proximity of Judgment Day? The land of freedom and the homeland of courage will be the place of every plague that has been described for you, America, which you were the promised land of the Gentiles and My Son, whom with your land, was much loved.

Now, America’s ideas and doctrines have tried to destroy the power of My Son by teaching that He was only a man and not the Son of God. “GOD IS DEAD,” the theologians say. He, who sits at the right hand of the Father, no longer lives. Christ is your neighbor. Christ is yourself. Christ is Mao and Christ is all men.


His arm has risen to strike you and His hand will hit you with earthquakes, floods, famine and drought. Your children will die of plague and of not yet known diseases. America, you have fallen! Great is your downfall, because you will never be called great, powerful and rich! You will be poor, weak and unhappy UNTIL YOU RETURN TO GOD before it is too late.

How will I warn you? How can I make sure you listen to my voice?

The next punishment on the west Coast will be just THE FIRST BLOW of my Son’s hand. JUST THE FIRST BLOW! I warn you by the hand of my handmaiden (Marjorie), but the Warning comes from the Mother of God. When the Pacific Ocean begins to agitate, start to believe that this is the work of the hand of My Son and of the Throne of the Almighty God. Believe and change your conduct. “

-Mary, the Mother of God.

The archangel Gabriel for the Mother of God and the Queen of the Angels:

The 7th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

“The seal of the Chosen People of the last days is the Seal of the Mother of God. Who is marked with the Brown Scapular and the Rosary, will escape the wrath of God. Moreover, the Jews who in Israel have observed the Ancient Law of Moses will be marked, but not in large numbers. The one who will be MARKED WILL BE PROTECTED BY THE ANGELS. The Mother of God HAS PLACED HER MARK ON HIS CHILDREN. The great multitude will be that of those who repent during the Tribulation and who will turn to the Mother of God by whom they will come to Christ to be washed in His blood and become white as snow. Many will turn to Mary when THE MIRACLE will be visible and they will be saved. The number of those that will be saved is greater because the Miracle will be spread throughout the world and the message of the Angel of Fatima will be spread in every corner of the earth. But for those who do not repent of their sins is reserved the rest of Revelation.

The 8th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

The first trumpets will bring the effects of atomic radioactive rain. The fourth trumpet will be the darkness caused by the smoke. The clouds will cover the sun and the moon for three days. The hail and the earthquake will be caused by the bombs. The sea will be invaded by the radiation for a short time; Many fish will die and the ships in the ocean will be wiped out because of the power of the bombs.

The 9th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

SATAN HIMSELF is ready to throw himself against humanity in the most powerful way. He will attack men’s minds and the mental torture will be very hard. After the radioactive rain has removed the darkness, darkness will dominate the minds of men, and the good, will be assaulted by doubts until they are marked by the seal of Mary. The evil ones will fall in the torment of the damned. Their souls will be completely darkened. The sixth trumpet will sound to give the start to a great battle in Israel and the surrounding countries. Many will perish in the battle. The Chosen People will win, but only when they call God to save them. The Jews will not repent or will want the Arabs. And the idols of the pagan gods will not be destroyed.

The 10th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

The little Book as you have been told, concerns the prophecy of Fatima and Garabandal. The Angel, now, is also with one foot on the sea and the other one on the earth, because the Chastisement predicted at Garabandal, will soon strike the world.

The 11th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

The Temple of God is the Kingdom of Heaven and those who belong to It are the marked ones, while the distant ones are the evil men who follow Satan. They will trample the holy City of God, Mary, because they will not believe in Her and call Her possessed (by evil). They will believe that all the terrors exist because of Her. The two witnesses are Lucy of Fatima and Conchita of Garabandal. They will reveal to the world the things that are going to unfold. The scourges revealed are the Chastisement. The sea will become blood because of the deaths of millions of people, the wind that triggers the waves will stop and the calmness will invade the earth. The witnesses are not the cause of this, but people will think that they are and Satan will kill them.
When the Chastisement is over and the children will be dead, people will rejoice and will think that everything is going to be as the same as before. The two will be seen on television, in their tombs, but they will be resurrected and brought to Heaven. An earthquake will hit Rome and will destroy a tenth part of It. Many, in that hour, will be saved.

The seventh trumpet

The Ark of the Covenant is Mary who will be seen in the Heavens when the children are raised to heaven. The Temple is God. Mary will be seen near God and an earthquake will tremble the land where the children were born. A big hailstorm will fall…

The 12th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

The woman is Mary and Her Son is Jesus.

 The 13th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

The 13th chapter must be revealed to you now. The beast that rises from the sea is SATAN. The beast is already on earth because THE WHOLE WORLD is full of admiration for material things. The kings of the earth have fallen before Satan to adore him. The head that was wounded to death and then healed is Russia, because it was almost destroyed by Hitler, but now this is the same Satan (soviet union). The great Russia is fearful of the hearts of all nations. The image of the Beast is China, the country where great wonders are to be performed, because the fire is the atomic fire and it will be used in a way men have never dreamed before.

The Sign of the beast is an identification number that will have to be tattooed on the arm or forehead. It is the number of the head of the world who will be THE FALSE POPE. China will use it to govern the world. The false pope will be the puppet of the Communists. The tattoo will only be placed on those who swear to support Communism. No one but those who have this sign will be allowed to buy and sell.

If the people of America do not return to God, they will succumb to Communism, if instead they return to Him, Russia will be converted, and together with America, will conquer China. NONE OF THESE PROPHECIES NEED TO BE ACCOMPLISHED. If the beast is won, God will send his Son to lead the army of the Angels to destroy Satan and his followers. ALMOST IMMEDIATELY, THE THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE WILL BEGIN. “

The Archangel Gabriel for Mary, Mother of God and Queen of the Angels:

“Be the Book of Revelation read as it is written. Because, to understand everything that is written in It, the one who reads it, must also read the Revelation.

The 14th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

The Virgins are of the Virgin Mary who was not contaminated. They have been marked as it has been said. They sing a new song: “Blessed is the Great Mother of God, because She has done great things for us. She has raised us from the earth to be forever with Her Son Jesus, the light of the world. “The Truth about the Most Blessed Virgin is in their hearts and She has obliterated their sins because they have been washed in the Blood of Her Son.

THE FIRST ANGEL WILL SPEAK IN THE WARNING. It is the Angel Rafael. The second angel is the Angel of the Catholic Church. He will announce, in the Warning that the great Vatican City, in Rome, has fallen. Men will be amazed and will be afraid. The third Angel is St. Michael, who has the power to fight Satan and who will eventually throw him into hell with his followers. All those who worship Satan and bear the sign of sin on their souls, will be lost. Those then, who will receive the sign of identification on the hand or on the forehead and will swear to support Communism, will be thrown into hell to burn forever.

Those who observe the Commandments of God will remain a few, but will die, because the Communists will not leave food or any good to them. When they will die, they will go straight to Heaven.

The 15th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

The cups full of the wrath of God are to be poured on the earth if America does not return to God. All Christians whose hearts are pure will be saved from these last plagues. But they will not be taken away from the earth. They will see the wrath of God falling on the evil men and no one will enter Heaven until these plagues have struck the earth.

The 17th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

The Woman is the WORLD CHURCH that is about to be established now, because the Catholic Church has fallen and the New World Church will incorporate all the religions in the world including the new Jewish Church that comes from Satan. Even the Mohammedans, the Buddhists, the wicked, the despicable men who create this church, take the worst of each faith and incorporate it into the New World Church of Satan. Those who will attend this church will reap the fruits of Satan. The kings of the Earth will accept this church, because it is the beginning of the concept of the One world, whose governor is Satan. The false pope will be the puppet of the One World Church. This (the one world church) is called a woman because she will adorn herself with evil and seduce the men of the earth who have not been marked by the seal of God; Mary, the Most Holy Virgin Who will not have place in this One World Church. The church, in those days, will hate Mary and will try to destroy Her.

The 18th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

The Catholic Church founded by Christ has already fallen. When Pope Paul VI dies or will be killed, the new and most terrible One World Church will be established. It will fall, because God will not tolerate that it is going to continue but He will give it to Satan who will destroy it. This One World Church will become increasingly rich because the properties of all churches on the earth will belong to it. It will commerce in men’s souls, because it will deceive many who label themselves as Christians and they are not, many who consider themselves Jews and they are not, many who are called Buddhists and they are not. Most men seek to find God through this church. Most of them will be deceived.

For this reason, God has chosen His Mother to be the path through which all souls must reach Him. Only Mary, Her Mother, will be able to pray God The Almighty, because God will turn away from men, and the great darkness of their souls will not find any light but that in Mary. Satan will put desolation in the One Church of the World, because the Communism of Russia (soviet union of old times and nations embracing “socialism” – camouflage of atheistic Communism in our times) and China will govern the countries by stealing the riches of the church. But this diabolical church will be destroyed by the only one who founded it: Satan.

The 19th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

The Son of God, Jesus Christ, will return to earth and gather His own (people) who will live with Him forever. The good who were marked and survived the Tribulation with the help of Mary WILL BE LIFTED UP IN THE CLOUDS TO MEET HIM and His Army will defeat the devil. The Army of Angels will destroy the Communists. THE GREAT ARCHANGEL MICHAEL WILL TAKE SATAN, CHAIN HIM AND THROW HIM INTO HELL. THOSE WHO DIED, RATHER THAN TAKING THE SIGN OF THE BEAST, WILL RISE AGAIN. THEY, AND THE ONLY ONES MARKED, WILL REIGN WITH JESUS FOR A THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE.

The 20th chapter of John’s Book of Revelation

The Final Judgement is well known by all. THE NEW EARTH WILL BE THE TRANSFIGURED EARTH. All of the evil will be over, fruit will grows throughout the year, there will be no disease of any kind, nor insects or reptiles and no other ugly thing, will remain. A NEW LAND, new in the concept and new in the structure, new in beauty and new in the position, because it will be near Heaven where you can see and speak with the Saints, with the Angels, with Jesus and Mary and God will be worshiped forever.

The 16th chapter of the Book of Revelation of John

About this chapter, nothing can be revealed to the children of men. The plagues described in here will strike the earth if the Warning is not to be accepted by the hearts of men and they (the plagues) will start immediately after the Warning. Marjorie, at the time of the scourges you will be brought into a shelter prepared for you by Mary, the Mother of God. You will see the saints and the chorus of the Angels and you will understand THAT MARY’S WORDS ARE TRUE. YOU WILL SEE THE FACE OF GOD!

The only One Who is waiting to WARN the world is Jesus. NEVER THE WORLD HAS SEEN THE THINGS THAT IT WILL SOON SEE. The LIGHT, of which you have been told of, will be seen after the first signs in the Heavens. These signs will be the MOON, which spins in the sky surrounded by the light of a rainbow in the heavens. THE STARS will grow in size and will start to plunge onto the earth as unripe figs (meteorites?). They will not hit it, but will burn in the sky. The light will be like that one of the sun and for a few seconds, the heat will be intense. The time: The morning just started in this hemisphere.

A very loud sound will be heard like if it is reduced in pieces, and the extraordinary signs seen in the sky, will terrify men. The other hemisphere will be invaded by the sunlight but it will get dark and the light of the stars and of the moon will be reflected as it is on a large mobile screen. Now, all the eyes will turn to the sky and the stars and the moon will cease their extraordinary behavior and the LIGHT of the Sky will be seen as you have already been told. Jesus, ready for the battle, will guide His Army of Angels across the sky on the heads of the people. THE VOICE OF GOD AND THE VOICE OF THE ANGELS WILL BE HEARD as I have told you. THE WARNING WILL LAST AN HOUR, because the whole earth must see It and everyone will have to know that It comes from God.

It will not harm anyone, but many will be terrified to the point of dying. THE SINS OF EACH ONE WILL COME TO THEIR OWN MINDS AND THE GOOD WILL ASK FOR FORGIVENESS. The wicked will not utilize the Warning for the right purpose, but if many illustrious men will pay attention to the Warning, the world will not suffer long. JESUS AND HIS ANGELS WILL DESTROY THE WICKED AND THE THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE WILL BEGIN AFTER THE MIRACLE.

How the mother of God is trying to save Her children! She has pleaded Her Son to annul the prophecy in John’s Book of Revelation to shorten the bad days and to obtain THE PEACE AND THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST ON EARTH. So great is Her power as Queen of Heaven, that God will allow His Chastisement to be withdrawn. Only Satan, those who still refuse to recognize Mary as their Mother and Christ as their Savior, and the demons, will be thrown into hell. Men will cease to declare war and lay their weapons. The men of color will become cordial neighbors of white men and all races will be united as children of God.

The children will take place next to their parents and the adults will become wise and benevolent dispensers of earthly goods. Everyone will have food and a suitable dwelling. Everyone will work for the sake of all. ONLY THE MEEK WILL GOVERN WITH CHRIST AND THEIR GOVERNMENT SHALL BE JUST AND MERCIFUL. The beauty of the earth will be enjoyed by all. Men will learn the secrets of the mind and the ease of traveling without planes, cars or buses. All the resources of the earth will be used, ALL resources. Atomic energy can heat your homes, cool them, cook your food and keep them. You can cheat the sun. It (the atomic energy) can allow you to travel to the farthest planet.

Children will learn from the books without fatigue and in three years will acquire the knowledge of the Universe. Men will be placed in a degree a little lower than the Angels. They will have bodies that never die or become ill. They will have minds that will continue to work and always to create. How little the creatures of the earth know the mysteries of God!


THE SECRET OF ALL IS MARY, the beautiful Mother of Jesus, who has been placed high in the Heavens. She is greater than anyone can imagine. SHE WAS IN THE MIND OF THE LIVING GOD BEFORE HE CREATED THE UNIVERSE. No description of Her power would help you understand. I, Gabriele, saw her beauty and for the sake of Her, I bowed. SHE IS the great merciful Queen of Heaven who is waiting for you with arms wide open. “

Gabriel, Archangel of God and Mary Queen of the Angels:






From the book dictated by the Angels to Marjorie Sampair:

The Trial Of America By God

The book, “The Trial of America By God“, is a story of faith. It is the faith of a humble woman who let a force, she knew little about, take over her hand and guide her pen. And it takes the faith of the reader to accept these words for what they are, messages from Heaven. In 1968, Marjorie Sampair was living in a modest home in Tacoma, Washington. “She was an average woman who was busy with the affairs of her family, before she was called on by God to write a book.” You can find the story in the beginning of the book. For now, we would just like to give a brief explanation of how it was written. This book was written as many of the books in the Bible were written,  through a form of writing known as automatic writing. The pen is held lightly in the hand and begins to move seemingly of its own power. In Numbers 36:13 we read, “These are the commandments and judgments, which the Lord commanded by the hand of Moses to the children of Israel.” There are many other examples given in the Bible. A list of examples of how God wrote through the hand is available. While we do not wish to suggest that all automatic writing is from God, by your faith you will have to decide as to the authenticity of this book. Why was this book written? That question is best answered by Heaven. So read the excerpts given here, and pray to the Queen of Heaven for the gift of Faith. She will take your request to Christ, Her son.

coronavirusThe truth about the Coronavirus

God the FatherMay 1, 2020 - God the Father says: "Today, I invite you to realize that this virus - the coronavirus - is no ordinary disease. It has been created from human ingenuity to specifically target the elderly and physically challenged. This is the plan of future generations to purify the human race around the world. It was released into the general population ahead of schedule - by accident. Those in charge were waiting for less capable government officials in your country (USA) to be in office. Nevertheless, proposed harm is being unleashed on the whole human race."

"I tell you these things to help you to realize the underlying evil at work and hidden in hearts these days. You cannot be confounded by any turn of events. Over all situations, I am in Dominion. No one will be given power over you that is more powerful than your Eternal Father. Therefore, be emboldened with this knowledge. If you persevere in Truth, you have loaded your weapons against what seems to be and discharged them with Truth." (Source: Holy Love)

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