A new pope will be elected, a new scourge to the People of God

The sons of Islam and its army of death, supported by traitors, will take over the seat of Peter and will cause blood to run in the sacred precinct

July 25 2016
Urgent appeal of Mary, Help of God’s people

 A new pope will be elected and this will be a new scourge to the People of God

My children, may the peace of the Lord be with you all.

Little children, the division within the Church of My Son is smoldering. The schism is being felt to come. 

The spiritual slaughter will cause many to lose their faith, for the atmosphere inside the Vatican is chaotic; cardinals are divided, some supporting the Pope, but others attacking him and not obeying him.

Little children, pray for Pope Francis, because many are his detractors who seek his downfall. The new reforms are the object of the attacks; their misinterpretation is creating confusion, division and separation that will lead the Church to suffer the greatest schism in its history.

My children, Heaven weeps with me to see how my Son will be betrayed again and His church divided.

This schism will be used by the emissaries of evil inside the Vatican to take away the chair of Peter and to open the door for my opponent, so that he sits in it. Chaos and anarchy are already taking over the Vatican and many of my beloved faithful children will give their lives for the cause of the Gospel of my Son.

The sons of Islam and its army of death, supported by traitors, will take over the seat of Peter and will cause blood to run in the sacred precinct. Rome will lose the faith and that will be what scandalizes the Catholic world.

The Church will be divided and it will appear that the forces of evil will bring it down. But fear not, my children.  I, your Mother, along with Michael and the Heavenly and Earthly Armies, will not allow the forces of evil to prevail against it. The Pope will flee in the midst of corpses and will finally end up giving his own life.

For some time the Church of my Son will be held by my opponent and his emissaries of evil, and the man of iniquity will sit on its throne.

A new pope will be elected and this will be the scourge of the People of God. Many martyrs will give their lives and their blood will renew the Church. The Christian and Catholic world will be persecuted, but after the purification, a new church for God’s glory and his people‘s service will be reborn.

Prepare yourselves, my little children, because the days of the purification of the Church are near.

The year of Mercy is about to end; take advantage of it so you gain the greatest number of indulgences, which will serve to strengthen your faith in the days of spiritual darkness that are approaching.

Remain resolute on the Gospel of My Son and no one and nothing will rob you of your peace. Know that everything must be fulfilled as it is written. The Church of My Son is about to go through a great trial that will move its foundations, but will not bring it down.

As Mother, Help of the Church, I make an urgent appeal to my Militant Army, my Legionaries, Consecrated ones, and to the Catholic world in general, so that this coming 15th of August, the date of my Assumption into Heaven, a day of prayer, fasting and penance will be carried out worldwide.

United in prayer, we ask the Father through Popes Francis and Benedict for the strengthening of the Church, so that it can emerge victorious from the trial that is coming. I am counting on you, my dear children!

Remain in the peace of my Lord. Your Mother, Mary the Helper loves you.

Little children make my messages be known to all humankind.”

Source: mensajesdelbuenpastorenoc.org

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