A large celestial body is coming toward the Earth

Unbelievers, the time of My Divine Justice is coming; your incredulity is going to be your perdition!

February 06 2018
Urgent call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Flock

A large celestial body is coming toward the Earth

“My flock, My peace be with you.

Remain in alert and vigilant, because the punishment for this sinful humanity from the heavens is approaching.

A large celestial body is coming toward the Earth and when it enters its orbit, it will disintegrate causing at My Will thousands of fireballs to punish the impious nations.

Unbelievers, the time of My Divine Justice is coming; your incredulity is going to be your perdition!

You do not want to pay attention to the calls of Heaven, you mock My messages and the messengers; I tell you: the hour is coming when you will see the fulfillment of everything that has been written and for your disbelief, you will not have time to repent. You are a stiff-necked race: if you do not repent with a sincere heart and ask the Most High for forgiveness, for sure you will be lost.

Everything has already been decreed and there is no going back, Heaven are sending quantity of signals for you to be prepared, but you children of incredulity, you are still proceeding blindfolded; you refuse to accept My Justice, because according to you God is only Mercy and will not punish humanity.

Fools, I am Mercy, but I am also Justice!

I remind you of some biblical stories where My Word speaks of My Justice, listen: Then the Lord rained sulfur and fire from heaven on Sodom and Gomorrah. And He destroyed these cities and all the fertile plain, all the inhabitants of the cities and all the vegetation of the soil (Genesis 19. 24, 25).

I punished My People for having broken My precepts and for forty years they walked through the desert (Numbers 13. 34, 35).

I did not allow my Servant Moses to enter the promised land because he doubted of My Mercy, in touching the rock where water flowed quenching the thirst of My People (Numbers 20. 12).

Remember of the plagues with which I punished the Pharaoh of Egypt and his people. These and more accounts of My Word are proof that I am Justice too, so that you do not make mistakes thinking that I am only Mercy and that the punishment will not come.

Remember: Mercy and Justice, this is My Essence.

Awake once and for all, children of incredulity, do not continue to doubt My Words!

Because My Words are Words of Eternal Life, that no mortal will be able to debate. Time is running out, unbelieving, ungrateful and sinful humanity; do not leave your conversion for the last moment, because in truth I tell you: the Gates of the Kingdom of Heaven are going to close, if you continue in your incredulity; like the foolish maidens, you are going to be staying outside of the banquet.

Return to Me, Who I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, so that you may reach tomorrow the joy of eternal salvation.

My peace I leave with you, My peace I give you. Repent and convert, because the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Let My messages be known to all humanity, sheep of My Flock.”

Source: mensajesdelbuenpastorenoc.org

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Help the Lord spread His voice, time is running out

Please help spread these messages of faith, hope, salvation, defense against evil (by email, printing, Facebook, Twitter, and other media) to your loved ones, your friends, and all the people you may meet, who seek salvation or who are in danger of being eternally lost. The Lord gives great graces and blessings to those of goodwill who, according to their own possibilities, collaborate with His Plan of Salvation. Who helps the Lord save a soul predestine his own, independently from the outcome.