A Damned Priest Warns About Hell

The priests do not know what it means to be damned. They do not know what Hell is! Pray regularly for us priests, because we are attacked from hell more than you think. Pray so that we might persevere to the hour of our death

Who Is Verdi Garandieu?

French clergy during the 17th and 18th centuries
French clergy during the 17th and 18th centuries

(Additional info the end of the exorcism) —Since 1975, shortly after that possession was established by a famous exorcist (Father Ernest Fischer), in addition to a number of human and angelic demons (damned and demons), VERDI GARANDIEU was also forced to manifest himself. He would have exercised his priestly ministry in the seventeenth century in a village in the Pyrenees of the diocese of Tarbes. What we know of his life is known to us by the revelations that he had to make during an exorcism, April 5, 1978.A few days before, the possessed was plagued by increasing inner anxieties, so that it became urgent to bring relief with an exorcism to this reparative soul suffering for almost three decades. She was chosen on April 5 because in that year (1978) the Church celebrated the Annunciation on that date since March 25 was on Holy Saturday.Experience has shown that the feasts of the Blessed Virgin are particularly auspicious days in the fight against the assaults of the demons and torments. That day, the priest devil had to confess in his despair that the abandonment of the Breviary caused him to lose the strength to fight against the temptations of the flesh and that, not being able get out of sin, he had let himself go completely.Living in a state of habitual mortal sin, he fulfilled his religious duties only superficially; he neglected his catechisms, his preaching conformed to his relaxed life, and he persisted in the state of lukewarmness up to his death.But then, in his own words, God “Cast him out of His mouth” (Rev 3:16), and throughout eternity he suffers special torments as a priest, because priestly Ordination imprints on the soul an indelible character that can never be erased.





Exorcist: In the name of the Mother of the Church, in the name of all the Popes and especially the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, and all the priest exorcists, speak the truth and only the truth, as to what the Mother of God wants to tell us today through you, Verdi Garandieu!

Garandieu: (labored breathing) Well! is the will of the Highest and of the Trinity that this booklet of Verdi be published. Now it is already published in German. But as we said, it must be translated also into the other languages in which the first book “WARNINGS” comes out or it was published, without delay … VERDI IS IMPORTANT; IT SEEMS TO BE AN INSIGNIFICANT BOOKLET, RATHER HEAVY, HOWEVER IT CONTAIN MUCH AND IS VERY MUCH WANTED BY HEAVEN! On it is the blessing of Heaven, be it on the booklet be it on the publisher, as well as ON all the contributors to this work, including the printing. That’s it! You could now receive criticisms in this regard, you could be criticized even to blood and to be completely torn and trampled on. BUT THIS BOOK HAS AN UNBEATABLE VALUE! IT WILL SAVE MANY SOULS, even if you would not see it. It is also very useful for souls who do not convert immediately, because Verdi, or rather his statements, penetrate the soul. They enter there, even if the reader does not want it, or would not want to realize it. They disturb. They penetrate deeply and in a certain sense torment, even when the person does everything to defend himself, assuming he does not throw it in the first trash can before reading it. But the presentation is such that even those who at first would not have anything to do with it, end up all the same sticking their nose into it, at the appropriate time …

Exorcist: In the name of all the bishops and priests!

Garandieu: You must say: and of the Church! Because it is first for the Church and for the priests. SHE (pointing upwards) obligates us today to say, since she incites us to do so, that there is still something to be said, that here there is the power of the bishop, even if you might not see with your own eyes any fruit and if you gathered only negative things, it has all the same for Heaven an incredible value, an incomparable wealth, more than you can predict and suppose. THEY (points upwards) have a desired and planned time that this VERDI might be able to dwell in the possessed for several years, because it was always in their plan that it might be published this booklet. Certainly, it is also published in the book “WARNINGS” (French edition), but this book apart is a good edition because it costs less, it reads fluently and you have to read less pages. And yet it has all of its merits when you read it. It’s stupid but … Ah! I do not want to say it!

Exorcist: Continue to speak! What is stupid? Continue to speak in the name of the Highest, Mother of the Church! …

Garandieu: It’s stupid but it was not published ten or twenty years ago. At that time a similar booklet would have inflamed more than today. But even today it must have the mission to produce its fruits in hearts, to transform them and to shake them. For this … I do not want to speak!

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, in the name of the Church, the Mother of the Church!

Garandieu: Because of this it must be published precisely in the same languages as the other book “WARNINGS” that you publish now or has already been published.

Exorcist: Continue to speak in the name of the Highest!

Garandieu: It would be better with the Imprimatur, but you did not obtained it.

Exorcist: Say the truth and nothing but the truth! Does the Mother of God want that it might be said clearly to the bishop where he goes, where the priests go who now say that we have defamed with this booklet, and we have in fact rendered such a disservice to the Church, that it might be said to him that they fight against us? Must we tell the truth, tell them where they go? Do I have to write to every bishop to tell them of this destruction in the Church today?

Garandieu: You would have done well to write this sentence: “All those who are of the light and of the Holy Spirit will recognize the truth.”

Exorcist: It will be inserted in the next reprint. We still left unfinished many things that maybe are not good. But we thank the Mother of God for this indication. Say the truth and only the truth! Does the Mother of God still want to tell us more on this topic?

Garandieu: It is terrible to see that even your bishops have taken such bad ways. THEY (points upwards) are saddened and distressed to see that your bishops successively do, we say, back off, more and more, and they do not have the courage (cries out), they do not have a drop of courage, they no longer have the truth, absolutely nothing.

Exorcist: Is it the will of God, say the truth and only the truth, that the bishops might be warned still another time, very strongly? It is the will of the Mother of God?

Garandieu: In spite of this it is better that you send the whole booklet to each one and that you warn them again, in the name of Christ and of the Cross, to make an about face. Tell them that we are in a very grave danger and that soon they will see what is going on…

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host – by the Divine Power of God – cast into hell, Satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Confessions of a Priest Damned to Hell

A damned priest (Verdi Garandieu) warns about hell

By order of the Blessed Virgin during the exorcism done on the day of the Annunciation

Many priests performed an exorcism on the Swiss possessed continually tormented by demons. The testimonies of twelve priests, including three doctors in theology and canon law, expressed the conviction that the demons, at the time of exorcisms, are forced to warn humanity in the name of the Mother of God.

Those who deny the existence of the devil and the possibility of possession, put themselves in contradiction with the formal doctrine of the Church and dispute irrefutable facts.

EXORCISM OF April 5, 1978

Confessions of the Damned Priest Verdi Garandieu

Exorcist: Father Ernest Fischer, retired missionary, Gossau (Saint-Gall, Switzerland)
Demon: Verdi-Garandieu, a human demon

Message To Priests – Exhortations To Return To The Life Of The Gospel

THE ABBOT VERDI-GARANDIEU, A HUMAN DEMON, priest of the diocese of Tarbes, France in the seventeenth century, addresses this pathetic message, through the possessed woman, to his brothers in the Priesthood, to beseech them – by order of the Most Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary – to go back onto the narrow road of the Gospel, and so prevent themselves in their turn, from suffering in eternal Hell the horrible fate which befell him because of his infidelities to grace. At the end of the exorcism of Leo XIII used, in this instance, by Fr. Fischer, numerous invocations were pronounced, including that of Saint Vincent Ferrier, the great Spanish Dominican missionary of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries; he traveled throughout Spain, Italy, Switzerland and France, where he died at Vannes in 1419. He was a formidable opponent of the devil, from whom he wrestled many souls, through his life of love and penance and his stirring sermons. In short: Saint Vincent Ferrier, a model to imitate; Abbot Verdi-Garandieu, an example not to follow.

The demon is going to speak for nearly two and a half hours on end. We reproduce here the text of his adjurations, by order of Heaven, to the priests of our time.

Exorcist: You must speak for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls, St. Vincent Ferrier orders you, this great hunter of souls, who ripped away from you many souls!

Garandieu: Not from me, not from me but from the Old One (= Lucifer) (mocking laughter), not from me, not …

Exorcist: He tore them away from hell. He ripped the souls from hell with his zeal.

Garandieu: I am just one among many (laughter); I am a wretch among many. What foolishness (loudly), what a stupid thing I did! I led a life as fast as lightning! (Then while uttering woeful cries, he exclaims, making the possessed woman jump to her feet): Why did I let myself go that way, why? Why was I not a priest according to the will of God, HIM UP THERE (pointing upward)? Why did I not correspond with His grace? Why (crying with a loud voice) did I embraced the Priesthood, this very heavy responsibility, since I was not equal to it if I was not prepared to take the trouble to lift myself up to the heights of this great ideal? (crying …)?

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, in the name of Jesus Christ, all for the glory of God alone!

Garandieu: I sinned by giving bad example. I gave bad example as even today, thousands, tens of thousands of priests give a bad example. I did not (labored breathing) give a good religious education.

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, only the truth, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Damned for his lukewarmness.

Garandieu: I spent my time looking at the women’s dresses, rather than in observing the commandments of God. I was condemned because I was too lukewarm. THE ONE UP THERE (indicating upward) literally said to me, “I will vomit you out of my mouth because you are neither cold nor hot” (Rev 3:16).

Exorcist: Speak, Verdi Garandieu, for the glory of God, about what you must say about your life!

(While he was speaking, we heard his cries through the possessed woman.)

Garandieu: My life was … In my youth I was still good (almost crying). I (crying bitterly) still corresponded with grace at that time (tears of desperation). In my youth I still corresponded to grace, but then I became lukewarm. I went forward more and more along the wide way (Mt 7:13-14). I abandoned the path of virtue, and I no longer corresponded with grace. And so I fell lower and lower. Perhaps, in the beginning, I again confessed. I still wanted to change myself, more than once I wanted to go back and fight my defects (with a loud voice), but …

Exorcist: Speak the truth in the name of Jesus Christ for the glory of God, only the truth!

Garandieu: … but I did not succeed any longer, because I prayed too little… I prayed very little and to little did I correspond with grace. I was, as you say, lukewarm. Lukewarm is already cold; between this tepidity and coldness, there is only the distance of an onionskin. One should be hot, hot, ardent; in this way it would not happen to priests what happen to me. But now you have thousands, tens of thousands, more than a million priests who are like me, lukewarm and not … not (cries).

Exorcist: Say the truth!

Garandieu: … and they no longer correspond to grace, it is what will happen to them if they do not convert, if they do not entirely welcome in them the fire of the Holy Spirit and if they do not let Him act, it will not be better than what happened to me, Verdi. I am very unhappy in hell. I wish I had never lived. Especially I would like, if I had to live, to be able to go back and be able to do better. How I would like to do better! How I would like to remain on my knees day and night, praying to HIM UP THERE (indicating upward) and ask for forgiveness; I would call to my aid all the angels and all the saints in order to not follow again the road to perdition. But (with a loud voice), I, I (groans) I CAN NO LONGER GO BACK … I CAN NO LONGER GO BACK (shouting with a shocking voice) I AM DAMNED!

Jesus Christ gave us the example of temperance

The priests do not know what it means to be damned. They (with despair) do not know what Hell is! At the present time, nearly everyone on earth takes the line of least resistance. They believe they must live happily, they must enjoy as much as one can enjoy in life. They believe, however, that today one can no longer change the humanization and modernism, and that you have to go with the times. Bishops, cardinals and abbots give an example that is no better than that given by their subordinates. Do they live according to the simplicity that Christ used to practice in His meals and the kind of food He ate? As the Gospel says, Jesus Christ did indeed participate in banquets, to which He was invited by various people, but at these meals, He did not eat very much. But He did so only because …

Exorcist: Speak the truth and only the truth, Verdi, say the truth and only the truth in the name of Jesus Christ!

Garandieu: He did this, so to speak, for charity toward the neighbor, He did not eat very much. He always ate quite frugally, and we will not talk about the times when He was not attending the feasts. CHRIST SUFFERED HUNGER VERY MUCH, MORE THAN YOU THINK. The Holy Family and the Apostles suffered greatly from hunger and fasting, otherwise they would not have received the graces that were granted to them.

Of course Christ had in Him all the fullness of grace, He no longer had need of grace, and in particular would not have been necessary to implore grace with prayer. He was the Grace and the Light in Person. But He had to give the example to the apostles and to all of humanity, in particular (with a loud voice) to the priests, bishops, superiors, cardinals and the Pope.

He gave the example in the most complete degree, the best and the most perfect, but what good did it do?

Now the priests eat at the tables more richly served with “dessert”, wine and all the condiments. Sometimes they go on a spree to the point of hurting their health, and they even believe that it is quite normal when one is a bishop or one has a high place.

The cooks who make food for these bishops and religious authorities, and also for certain priests, believe with the utmost good faith, that you should bring to the table this and that. “He is a great lord; he is dressed with high dignity, we ought to be ashamed if we do not serve them this and that.” But they forget that it is not the imitation of Christ.

It would be better for these cooks to indicate to the bishops, priests, superiors or cardinals that Christ gave the example of poverty, of poverty and virtue. HE UP THERE (pointing upwards) wants us to practice the imitation of Christ (with a loud voice) and what is being done at the present time is completely contrary to the imitation of Jesus Christ.

Many live in refinement, luxury, and abundance, to the point of excess, to the point even of sinfulness. Sin does not begin only when it really begins. Sin begins already when it is no longer taught renunciation and when it is no longer practiced. Sin already begins when the person could practice asceticism, but he does not.

Certainly, it does not start here complete sin, in its true sense. But the road that leads there already begins when you stop practicing renunciation, when we do not want to sacrifice and when we follow the path of least resistance. So the way that leads to the first sin, be it venial sin or that one arrives even to mortal sin, is no longer far away, because we down here (pointing downward) we have an immense power and we always do what we can. We are instructed so well, even we, human demons, we are instructed and guided so well that we always take the person in this way or in a better way. But when someone has never really…

Exorcist: Speak the truth in the name of Jesus Christ and only the truth, Verdi Garandieu, only the truth!

The stages of the fall

Garandieu: … when someone has never really well, perfectly followed the way of Christ with His poverty and His virtues, the way of prayer, of the Cross, of renunciation, of sacrifice, of virtue, when he omits only one of these things or neglects it completely, then we try to take him from that point. If it is just a fiber of his cloths, it is though already a fiber and over time we can poison all of his clothes (groans). I do not want to talk anymore.

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, for the glory of God, about your life, about how the life of the priest should be! Say the truth for the glory of God!

Garandieu: My priesthood, I … Perhaps, I thought I had a vocation, and I wanted … Of course, I meant to become a good priest, but a priest, must never forget, a priest is in more danger of being seduced than a lay person by us down here (from hell). Perhaps also the laity have this danger, especially the privileged souls or those who hold an important position. But a priest has a very high consecration. And because he has a very high consecration, and with it can harm us down here (pointing downward) in the most devastating way, we rage more against priests than against other men. This is what happened (crying), this is what happen also to me. I thought …

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi, only the truth in the name of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God, only the truth about your life!

Abandonment of prayer

Garandieu: … I thought, now I am a priest. I have reached my goal. At first I exercised my ministry still pretty well, but then, then, at a certain point I found it too monotonous. I began to neglect the prayer of the Breviary. At first I no longer prayed the whole prayer. Then gradually I began to no longer recite the prayer anymore, when it was a busy day or when it seemed to be a busy day. Right at the beginning, I put it off and then all of a sudden, I ended up … I do not want to talk.

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi, in the name of Jesus Christ for the glory of God! Speak the truth about your life in order to warn the priests! Say the truth, only the truth!

Garandieu: … and then, all of a sudden, I came to think, “Ah! these tedious prayers of the Breviary! These prayers are long and take an incredible amount of time”, I thought. But it would have been better not to think so, because this suspension of the prayer of the Breviary was fatal for me.

When I stopped reciting it, I fell gradually into sin. But when I fell into sin, the sin of impurity, obviously I stopped saying my Mass with recollection, already I was not in a state of grace. The Bible, and everything that is in it, was for me a reproach, the Ten Commandments and the New Testament were to me a call to order, because I no longer lived them in their truest sense. Since all of this was for me a call to order, I no longer wanted to teach the children as one should and in depth; in fact how could I inculcate in them the good while I myself no longer lived it, and for this I must say … I do not want to talk.

Exorcist: In the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar speak the truth and only the truth about the life and conduct of the priest!

Garandieu: … for this I must say that as for me, it happens for most of the modernists and humanists, and whatever names they bear today. How can they want to preach to children and lay people something that they themselves are no longer living? How can they want to give back to the world what they themselves no longer have, that which is no longer in the most intimate part of themselves? They would have to lie (groans). I do not want …

Exorcist: Speak the truth and nothing but the truth in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, of the Blessed Sacrament of the altar, only the truth for the glory of God and for the guidance of the priests!

Garandieu: Their hearts have become disreputable places, in many, many more than you think. And, when they have not yet become disreputable places, they are in any case already worm-eaten. But like an apple in which already lives a worm, it can remain over time a whole apple, juicy, intact and spread its best perfume!

Only a priest who lives himself the virtues and of them gives example to others. If the current priests, as it should be, still gave the example of virtue to young people and to the world, you would have a world a thousand times better than what you have. How can I spread the good if I do not have it in me? How will I speak about the Holy Spirit, if I myself am content to not listen to Him, because I already left the way that …

Exorcist: Speak the truth and nothing but the truth in the name of Jesus Christ, Verdi Garandieu!

Indifference towards the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Garandieu: … because I had already left the way that the Holy Spirit has indicated to me and prescribed for me! It is terribly tragic, much more than you people might be able to think about it. It is all the more tragic because a priest (crying) that no longer gives a good example and is about to leave the path of virtue draws with him a mass of people or at least a good number, and this also begins at the Mass. From beginning to end a priest does not celebrate the Holy Mass with depth and compassion if his priestly conduct is not in conformity. He will arrive even, in each case it happened to me … (almost crying).

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, only the truth in the name of Jesus Christ and the Most Blessed Virgin …!

Garandieu: … he will come to the point of feeling repugnance for the Mass, to the point of preferring that it does not exist. And yet, because he is a priest, he says it, he must celebrate it before the people. Perhaps, in my case, the Sacred Host was still consecrated, and still is with thousands and thousands of priests who still believe, because God is merciful, because the faithful come with piety in the heart, and cannot know what is in the hearts of the priests, but, but (with an exhorting voice) woe, woe …

Exorcist: Speak the truth and only the truth, Verdi Garandieu, in the name of Jesus Christ, only the truth!

Adaptation of the Doctrine to an easy life

Garandieu: Woe … (with a serious voice), woe to the priests who do not say what they should say, who no longer live what they should live and teach the faithful to follow false paths. It would be better … it would be better that each of them should say publicly from the pulpit before all the faithful: “Forgive me, I have sinned! I am no longer on the path of virtue! Pray for me so that I can once again resume and teach you the proper way to live in the sense most alive”.

This is what would be better for them to say. It would be an act of humility and we would no longer have this power over them, even if some of the people despise them. They would have in spite of everything, finally, in the deepest part of themselves, a high regard for this priest. It would be, however, a better way than the way of hypocrisy and perfidy (barely uttering the words).

Does it make sense to stand, in front, to celebrate the Mass facing the people and say, “God will forgive (labored breathing), go to Him. He understands you, go to the Father. He is the Father of Light; if you are in darkness, He will understand and will welcome you again in grace and love.”

All these priests forget that certain things are necessary because this Father of Light might take again in His arms these priests or these faithful who have fallen. Of course, He takes them again, but repentance is necessary and not only is repentance necessary, because reparation is also part of repentance and of confession. If I want to improve myself, I must first eradicate these pathways that lead to sin and I are fatal to me.

I must first begin in the most intimate part of myself, and only then can I be a model for others, in all the required depth. You could say in a few words, to preach in the light of the Holy Spirit what I must preach, what I am commissioned to preach and that it would be before THE ONE UP THERE … (pointing upwards) … (labored breathing).

One speaks only of love of neighbor, but no longer does one speak of the love of God

One talks too much about the love of neighbor and one forgets that the love of neighbor derives only from the perfect love of God. Why speak always of love of neighbor, of reconciliation and mutual understanding if you forget the most important commandment in this regard? The first is the greatest commandment, “You shall love the Lord your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your strength” …

Exorcist: Speak the truth and nothing but the truth in the name of Jesus Christ!

Garandieu: (groans) … and only then comes “and thy neighbor as thyself.” If these priests, each one of them, made peace with THE ONE UP THERE (pointing upwards), what else would one have to do, if they wanted to love Him; the love of neighbor would come by itself and would ensue from this. It is, it is a … I do not want to speak!

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu in the name … for the glory of God, in the name of Jesus Christ, of the Most Holy Trinity, of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, nothing but the truth and only the truth!

Garandieu: … it is a sham, completely successful, of the FREEMASONRY to always say: love of neighbor, to live in love, make peace one with the other, forgive and support each other. And where do they arrive? Where do you end up with this support and this reconciliation? Look at the quotation of the suicides! If these men might see where the principle commandment really is!

Of course, it is said in the first and greatest commandment: “And thy neighbor as thyself,” but that comes later: “You shall love the Lord your God.” You can not truly call that love what these priests live for years, these priests who have never yet lived as bad as they do now. One must only start here. One must practice again the principle commandment and the first few sentences totally, without limitation.

And then this “your neighbor as yourself” will be included by itself. All the commandments in general are included in this main commandment. If it were observed, one would not have to talk always about charity, of love of neighbor, of attempts at reconciliation and whatever else. All this would be included in the single vision of an herb or a green branch, but nothing like this happens. They only discuss and they always talk about ecclesiastical assemblies and conferences of bishops.

Even at the top, in Rome, they do nothing but talk, debate, discuss, examine, to adopt and still to babble, to suppress yet something and let it go again, so finally there has been suppressed and allowed to pass so many things which cannot possibly last anymore, before HIM UP THERE (pointing upwards). Because HE UP THERE is not just Mercy, but He is also infinite Justice as mercy. This, I saw, I (crying), I, Verdi, Verdi. I had to experience this myself. If I had only …

Exorcist: Garandieu, speak the truth, only the truth in the name of Jesus Christ and the Most Blessed Virgin Mary!

The true love of neighbor is to snatch souls from hell with sacrifice

Garandieu: … if only I lived better! If I had practiced virtue! If only I had prayed more! If only I had done penance! If only I had tried to love Him, HIM UP THERE! if only I had said, “I will follow You on the cross. Give me crosses for my sheep, as much as I can bear them, so that I might follow You.” All this, I forgot to say. All this I forgot to say when I stopped wanting to say it! And even most of the priests of today forget to mention the imitation of Christ, of the Way of the Cross, and to say that you must do penance and atone for others so that they do not perish. This is not said. They should shout from the top of the pulpit: “You lay people, do penance, sacrifice yourself for others when you see that they are sinking into the mud of sin.” It would be the greatest love of neighbor. Any other love of neighbor such as: bringing food, providing clothing, looking for houses …

Exorcist: Speak the truth and only the truth, Garandieu! Say the truth in the name of Jesus Christ!

Garandieu: … all this falls into ruin. Of course it is necessary for sustaining life, but normally it is God Who gives it, especially in our time, and in Europe, where most of the people have enough to eat, and where wages and living standards are so high that all get along in one way or the other. One should not boast as being the most important thing that we must help each other and support and assist each other, visit each other and come to mutually help each other. Of course we must help those in need, but you emphasize this too much. One should shout from the pulpit: “Lay people, sacrifice yourselves for such and such a soul, because he or she is in danger of sin. Pray for her, light blessed candles. Make the sign of the cross on this soul.”

THE LAITY CAN DO THIS TOO. They do not have the high power of the blessing of the priest, but to make a sign of the cross on others, any lay person can do this. It is better that they do this with a crucifix or a rosary and throw holy water from a distance on these souls. It is not an exaggeration. Any layman can do it. And this also brings certain blessings. He should not say: “I am powerful, I can bless” and whatever else. You can do it in silence, but it brings in any case blessings, and we down here (in hell) we must retreat. You should preach (with a strong voice) … I do not want to talk.

Exorcist: In the name of Jesus Christ, of the Holy Trinity, of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Verdi Garandieu, speak the truth and only the truth for the glory of God!

Garandieu: ONE SHOULD PREACH FROM THE PULPIT: “You people, who want to call yourselves sons of God, you who come in our church, take things seriously, take them seriously, do penance and sacrifice yourself for others. Your neighbor is in danger. Pray for one another, in order not to perish, to endure to the end and follow the path of virtue. Dear lay people, pray as much as possible for the priests and church figures, so that the Devil can not win them or assail them, and that they might be able to lead you along the straight and narrow path, because also you, priests, I am no longer, I am no longer on the earth right now, but the priesthood has remained with me. And for this I have to suffer terribly (labored breathing) …

Exorcist: Speak, Garandieu, say the truth and only the truth in the name of Jesus Christ!

It is necessary to pray and to sacrifice yourselves for priests

Garandieu: … because you too, priests, you need prayers. For every priest in the pulpit, where you have to preach, and Judas was already forced to say it: it would be better to preach from the pulpit ….

The priests should not be ashamed to tell the laity: “Pray, pray also for me, so that I might lead you on the right path. Pray regularly for us priests, because we are attacked from hell more than you think. Pray so that we might persevere to the hour of our death, and pray for yourself, one for another, so that you might follow the path of virtue unto death, and not just for a few weeks or a few years or just a momentary thing.” It is a terrible malice of fate, I have to say, Verdi Garandieu …

Exorcist: Say the truth, Verdi Garandieu, only the truth in the name of Jesus Christ, of the Holy Cross …

Garandieu: … that there are many priests and many lay people who follow the path of virtue and some were good priests and good laity until, you could say in a sense, they might have advanced and reached the point of which Jesus speaks about regarding the wheat: a sower went out to sow his seed.

Grains fell among thorns and were choked, and the grains sprouted. It was believed that they sprouted well. You could say the same thing about those who have followed up to that point the path of virtue, but when the temptations come, and when all the clergy of the Church trumpet them: now you have to follow such and such and another way, now the other way is valid… , and not the way of God. But they do not tell you the way of God, but it is in a sense the same thing in the sight of Heaven, because it is the path always followed that is no longer valid today. Then they fall into doubt. At the time of temptation they fall … and the sun came, and burns them and they dried up. This is true today for thousands and tens of thousands of priests and lay people who can not resist. They were not able to practice great virtues before and therefore they fall and are not strong when it comes to truly practicing the virtue of fortitude.

Pray in order to obtain perseverance

For this today you should pray a lot, and for perseverance, to hold strong until the end. Now it would be really topical that every priest shout from the pulpit at least two or three times a month, “Persevere, follow the way to the end, follow the way of the Cross! Look, do you think that Christ had the more beautiful part than you do?”.

He should also cry out: “You who are poor and possess little in life, bear it with patience, because your reward will be in heaven.” Yet it is not unlike how many Saints practiced it, for example a holy Curate of Ars who prayed and fasted to the extreme. You should tell these lay people who are living in poverty:
“Give thanks to the Lord and praise Him, because He has made to you a gift of poverty in imitation of Christ, as also the apostles had to practice it. Thank the Lord, because if you are in poverty you have much less time for idleness. Because you have to work harder in taking care of providing for yourselves the daily bread.” To them there remains much less time to for idleness. Idleness is always the mother of all vices.

The poverty of large families is a great blessing

To those who are in need, who have many children, and they have to work a lot, since they do not have time to devote to luxury, to excesses or pleasures, one should say: “Praise the Lord three times a day, on your knees, and thank Him for having given to you, with your children, work, and to have offered your children so that you raise them and of them you make the next citizens of heaven, because for each of your children you will gain more grace.” Instead of this, they say, sometimes they also say, and even priests, that … I do not want to talk!

Exorcist: In the name of Jesus Christ, say the truth, only the truth, Verdi Garandieu, for the glory of God, about the priesthood!

Garandieu: … Instead of that, when a woman or a man come to say to them “it is not good for us; we had a third or fourth child or just a second, it depends. We have housing problems. We have this problem here or another … ” Then the priest, instead of saying to them: “Hold on, live in this old apartment and in these rooms with the grace of God (crying); pray every day and thank Him for what you have! “Instead of what (crying) … I do not want to talk!

Exorcist: In the name of Jesus Christ continue, Verdi Garandieu, say the truth and only the truth for the glory of God!

The pill leads to abortion

Garandieu: … Instead of that these priests really become seducers and give these poor, but in reality these people are not poor, they are not so much in misery, they are not so terribly miserable …

When I say “poor” I mean that they are because they have fallen into sin, because the priest gives them bad advice to not behave precisely according to the commandments of God in this particular case; in this case, they have to take the pill or what there is in this field. He advises them this or that, or this or that other medicine, and this medicine obviously … the majority of doctors prescribe without batting an eyelid.

Men do not notice that they are sinking into misfortune, because from the pill and from the condoms to abortion it is not far off, and abortion is already a murder (cries); it is a mortal sin. Perhaps these priests forget it or maybe some know it, but in this time of modernism and mass defection they no longer want to admit that it is still valid today what it has always been, for thousands and thousands of years.

It is clear that humanity has increased and that is no longer what it once was when God punished immediately ONAN with death (Gen 38:9-10), but He will still punish each one of them, who, alas, I must say, take contraceptives and He will recall them to order, because this is no longer the order of things, and abortion even less. It is not in the plan of God, in His plan of salvation. And I have to …

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, and only the truth, for the glory of God and in the name of Jesus Christ!

Garandieu: … and I must say, I, Verdi, that I was a priest, that the priests, and not only priests but also the bishops, cardinals, it is evident, they should shout to their people from the height of the pulpit, yes, shout: “Endure your suffering with patience, because life on earth is not made to be lived in debauchery and luxury, to eat and drink, but to walk after the LORD and to practice the imitation of Christ.”

Because there where there is still renunciation and sacrifice, this is what they should say, there is also grace, and where there are no longer neither renunciation or sacrifice, or prayer, grace also disappears. There where there is no longer grace, we watch, and if we can penetrate only through a crack, if we can only pass a horn, even so we have already penetrated into these lay people or clergy, and this then continues. If there is open a crack, it soon widens, then the whole door is opened and not only this. It is not only the whole door to be opened. Finally, the whole house is to collapse as is happening now in your churches. Yes …

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi, only the truth, only the truth!

Garandieu: … You should start over. You should do missions … You should especially … And Judas was forced to say it: from the height of the pulpit, not from the front on the floor … not from here where you will soon be at a lower level. Because there are churches where you go down, you go down the steps to the altar instead of going up the steps … What do you think, when you have to go down and you have almost … not in all the churches, but there are, one has to almost look down at the priest; how much dispersion in the laity! Do you not think it would be better to raise the eyes? The pulpit already in a sense symbolizes heaven and there are steps to go up there …

It is necessary to give missions to the people again, and to preach to them again. Above all one should… Judas was forced to say it: from the pulpit on high, not in front on the floor… not from here where one will soon be at an inferior level. Because there are churches where one must descend, one goes down the steps toward the altar instead of going up to the altar… What do you think, when one must go down almost… not in all the churches, but there are a good number, one has to almost look down toward the priest, how much distraction then among the lay people! Do you not believe that it would be better to lift up you eyes? The pulpit symbolizes already, in a certain sense, Heaven and there are the steps to go up to it…

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi, and nothing but the truth in the name of Jesus!

The priest must give the example of virtue

Garandieu: … But now everything descends. Now it is not necessary to lift up ones eyes. Now you look straight ahead or downwards, toward us (hell) that we pull you toward the bottom and we try to draw you down. You should do again the missions and the allurement of a good priest who works on the people should be so great, it would be so great, if he still follows the life of virtue, that entire masses of people would be drawn in.

How do you think that this happened with a Holy Cure of Ars? His parish was very depraved and in a very pitiful state. How many things did this Cure accomplish alone! How did he achieved this? Did he do this by chance by going on (drinking) sprees, or in front of the television or with trips or with interesting conferences (just barely pronounced) and words?

No. He did it in the silence of his room or in front of the Tabernacle of the Church, that which I, Verdi, should have done; instead of that I neglected my parish and I did none other than drag it with me into misfortune. There should be thousands of Cure of Ars now in your world, but there are none, you should at least imitate him as much as possible. I must also say this, because I, Verdi, fell into this fault: you must avoid women (crying) and say every day all of the Breviary, because otherwise you can not avoid them.

In fact, when a priest, and a priest who must fight very much against his nature, says his breviary every day and tries to do his best, HE UP THERE (indicating upwards) will truly give you the grace to not succumb to temptation. If in spite of everything he succumbs, but if he continues to say his breviary every day, HE UP THERE will not be so severe to not pull him out of there, with the grace of the Holy Spirit, of the Holy Angels, of the Trinity, of the Most Blessed Virgin that you must not ever forget in life, so that he may exercise his ministry in spite of everything according to their will, to THOSE UP THERE (indicating upwards), as it should be exercised.

As I have already had to say, you should first of all say to all those who are in poverty and who are tried in suffering: “Endure your suffering with a spirit of atonement, then you will have many graces and many merits. God will be always near and He will guide you!”, and, “The one who He loves most, He disciplines.” (Heb 12:6; Prov 3:12)

They should say it from on high from the pulpit. It would be better that many were not helped with this or that, that there might not be one association or another, and that you do not give them money. This has already caused the ruin of many, and even the clergy. If someone is really in misery and dies of hunger, the good God must intervene and He will certainly intervene (if it is necessary for the salvation of his soul) so that he receives help in some way or another.

Otherwise, however, and this is the work of FREEMASONRY for the fall of the Church, otherwise there is no need to preach always the love of neighbor, reconciliation, and whatever else (the words are pronounced with difficulty), to hell…, to hell…, to hell with it, because it is your ruin. It is for the ruin of many, because when they see that their own priests do not follow the path of virtue, they run toward pleasure, even bishops have gotten to this point today, that they occupy themselves less and less for souls, they pray, they practice virtue and renouncement less and less, and so there is no longer the example that shows the lay people how they should live.

Moreover when the priest also announces that God is merciful, Who forgives and loves men as they are, and so it seems to the lay people that they are living according to the straight path and to be in spite of everything in God’s grace, while many are in mortal sin, how can the grace of the Holy Spirit still work, if the straight path is no longer preached or l

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