Save Your Soul!!! Pray the Rosary Daily

Catholics go to Confession, receive the Holy Eucharist; pray the Rosary daily to keep your faith and save your soul. Be prepared: Mankind is entering the Great Tribulation: cataclysms, plagues, WW3, One World Order of the, antichrist, to devastate our planet. Non-Catholics: follow The 10 Commandments

The Testimony of Gloria Polo

Do you know what the confessional is? It is the “bathing of souls”! Not with water...

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You shall not kill

By killing a man, does one offend only the man? No. Also God. Man in his flesh, God in...

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God did not make male and female so that they would reach the point of exhaustion and...



Our Lady of Medjugorje
Our Lady of Medjugorje: Message - February 2, 2018
"Dear children, you whom my Son loves, you whom I love with an immeasurable motherly love, do not permit for selfishness, for self love, to rule the world. Do not permit for love and goodness to be hidden. You who are loved, who have come to know the love of my Son, remember that to be loved means to love. My children, have faith. When you have faith you are happy and are spreading peace; your soul trembles with joy. My Son is in such a soul. When you are giving yourself for the faith, when you are giving yourself for love, when you are doing good to your neighbor, my Son smiles in your soul. Apostles of my love, I am turning to you as a mother. I am gathering you around myself and I desire to lead you on the way of love and faith, on the way which leads to the light of the world. I am here for the sake of love, for the sake of faith, because with my motherly blessing I desire to give you hope and strength on your way – because the way which leads to my Son is not easy. It is full of renunciation, giving, sacrifice, forgiveness and much, much love. But this way leads to peace and happiness. My children, do not believe lying voices which speak to you about false things, false glitter. You, my children, return to the Scripture. I am looking at you with immeasurable love, and through God’s grace am making myself evident to you. My children, set out with me. May your soul tremble with joy. Thank you. ”


Our Lady of Angera
Our Lady of Anguera: Message 4591 - February 2, 2018
"Dear children, trust in the Lord, for He is your support. In Him alone is your victory. Bend your knees in prayer and be attentive. The devil wants to take you away from the path I have pointed out to you, but you can overcome him through sincere prayer. Seek strength in the Gospel and in the Eucharist. Be filled with the Love of God. Do not allow the enemy of God to contaminate you with feelings of hatred. You are the Lord's. Do not turn away from Him. You are heading for a painful future and only those who are faithful will bear the burden of the trials. Listen to Me. Have as your primary goal faithfulness and obedience to the Lord, for only thus will you attain Heaven. You will yet see horrors on the Earth. Give me your hands and I will lead you to My Son Jesus. Courage. Follow Me in love and in defense of the truth. Days will come when falsehood will reign in the hearts of many men and women. Those chosen to defend the truth will be contaminated and great will be the suffering for My poor children. I am your Sorrowful Mother and I suffer for what comes to you. This is the message I give you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for having allowed Me to gather you here once more. I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace."

HOLY LOVE Daily Messages about the END TIMES

"My Commandments must mold your morality"

February - 16, 2018 - Message from God The Father
"I am your Heavenly Father. I come to remind all of My children that their salvation is not in exposure to these Messages.* It is in obedience to My Commandments. My Commandments must mold your morality. It is through My Commandments, I take you by the hand and lead you into paradise. Knowing My Commandments is not enough. You must obey them. What I desire in each soul is loving obedience. It is out of love I have given you these Commandments. It is as though I am taking each soul by the hand and personally leading them into paradise. The door to salvation closes to those who will not obey with love."
February - 15, 2018 - Message from God The Father
"I am the Father of all people and all nations. I come to tell you what I see from Heaven. I see an 'orchestra' of souls. Some souls make melodious music in tune with My Divine Will. Others are not in tune with My Will and strike a sour note. These souls do not pay attention to the music of My Will. They strike out on their own. They are not part of the symphony of My Will. Often they throw others off-key. As I direct this orchestra, I pay particular attention to the ones off-key and try to bring them back to the reality of the ways they are ruining the overall symphony of everyone - for every sin affects the future of the world. When they do not allow My best efforts to correct their ways, I have to let their errors stand out in the overall symphony. Those most in tune with My Will readily recognize their errors. You must trust in the overall beauty of My Will for you. Do not look just at one note - one aspect of My Will, but understand that the overall fruit of My Will for you is your own salvation."

My Commandments must mold your morality

It is through My Commandments, I take you by the hand and lead you into paradise

As long as selfishness controls hearts, Satan has emissaries in the world




Holy Love
(January 1, 2018) "I am God the Father, Creator of all good. Today, as this New Year unfolds, I come to reveal to you directions and warnings which will be necessary to know ahead of time. The collusions between Russia, China, North Korea and Iran will become more open and obvious. Their evil tilts towards the promotion of a One World Order - a government of evil. There will be even greater friction between Israel and its neighboring countries. President Trump will have to take a firm stand." "In this country (USA) you will see greater chasms between liberalism and conservatism. While the economy strengthens, the good of this administration will continue to be downplayed. Stricter policies against terrorism will be put into place. This will affect immigration." "The great and natural resources of this country will be brought to the forefront and strengthen the national image. This Ministry (Maranatha Spring and Shrine) will continue to be a solace to the Remnant Faithful. Many changes are in hearts in Rome - changes heretofore unthought of. If they come to light, people will need to choose between obedience to title and authority or obedience to the Truth. The focus of the Church will be on more liberal stands on moral issues." "Continue your many rosaries and Masses for the Remnant. In the world, the Remnant is comprised of those conservatives unwilling to compromise the Truth.""


Holy Love
Holy Love: Messages - October 7, 2017
Our Lady of Fatima. She says: "Praise be to Jesus."
"Dear children, I come to remind you of the power of your prayers. One 'Hail Mary' prayed from the heart has the power to convert a soul, stop a war or unravel evil plans hidden in hearts. When your prayers are united with all the prayer recited in that moment around the world, one prayer has infinite power. Think then of the power of one rosary. Consider the effect of many rosaries prayed throughout the day. Do not allow Satan to discourage your prayer efforts. Celebrate the gift of the Rosary today. Today, I come specifically to draw the world into unitive prayer. This unitive prayer has the potential to uncover and reverse evil. When you begin to pray, say, 'I unite my prayers to all the prayers being prayed around the world in this present moment.' I take this collective prayer and use it as a barrier against the evil that is in hearts all over the world. I do not come to sensationalize the dangers of these times, but to unite you in an ongoing effort of prayer against evil."


Holy Love
Novena to Overcome the Indifference of the World - October 24, 2017
Our Lady comes and Refuge of Holy Love
"The Eternal Father sends Me to earth today with a new novena. It is a novena to pray to overcome the indifference in the heart of the world. Say one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one All Glory Be after each day's prayer.. (click on link below)"
"Heavenly Father, please empower my efforts in praying this novena with your Divine Will. Change the tepid heart to fervent love of you. Uncover the compromise of Truth which leads to indifference, and is leading the heart of the world away from You. Renew the conscience of the world with a strong sense of good versus evil. Amen."


November 18, 2016
"Praise be to Jesus. I am Zechariah - the Guardian Angel of this country (USA)."The path towards the New World Order, will no longer be lurking in the shadows as a lion searches out his prey. All plans will be laid bare and nothing concealed."