Save Your Soul!!! Pray the Rosary Daily

Catholics go to Confession, receive the Holy Eucharist; pray the Rosary daily to keep your faith and save your soul. Be prepared: Mankind is entering the Great Tribulation: cataclysms, plagues, WW3, One World Order of the antichrist, to devastate our planet. Non-Catholics: follow The 10 Commandments


Campo delle apparizioni - Santo Amore Holy Love

On August 2, 2020, God the Father will impart the Patriarchal Blessing, the Blessing of Light and the Apocalyptic Blessing
at Maranatha Spring and Shrine in North Ridgeville, Ohio. USA

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Holy Love - God The FatherPer God the Father on 1/2/2020: “For the first time, I am revealing publicly that on the Feast of My Mercy (April 19, 2020 now postponed to  August 2, 2020), I will extend to the world multiple blessings. I will impart My Patriarchal Blessing, My Blessing of Light and My Apocalyptic Blessing. The fullness of these blessings will be received by those present who hold a firm faith in their hearts. Once again, those unable to attend may send their angel who will return to them with some measure of My Grace. Never before has this been offered to mankind, and most likely, never again. This is dependent upon man’s response to this life-changing event.” “Digest these Words carefully. Allow your hearts to respond.” //Read full message//


Campo delle apparizioni - Santo Amore Holy LoveCampo delle apparizioni - Santo Amore Holy LoveCampo delle apparizioni - Santo Amore Holy LoveCampo delle apparizioni - Santo Amore Holy Love

Mother Mary, Refuge of Holy Love pray for us
Mother of God“I will refuse no one their chance to petition My Heart under this title. None will be left unaided. My special attention rests upon those devoted to Me as Refuge of Holy Love.”
Mother Mary, Protectress of the Faith protect my faith
Mother of God“Today, I ask clergy and religious to rely upon the Protectress of the Faith to safeguard the treasure of their vocations which are so greatly under attack.”


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Pope Francis give out a new Canon Law to make changes in the liturgy of the Mass to go into effect on October 1st

9/4/2017: Pray for your ancestors and deceased ones, so that both you and they will be liberated from all these curses and bondages

1/28/2019: Oh, heartless mothers, it is for your lust and debauchery, lack of love, charity, lack of fear of God, that so many innocents are dying

8/29/2017: Once again, I say to you [lay children]: you are not worthy to touch me, Noli me tangere! Do not touch Me

Chapter 26: Who will listen to the voice of Christ who says: «Come to Me and I will give you freely the water of life?

5/29/2019: The sin of abortion makes Heaven cry and it is leading thousands of young people and couples to their condemnation

7/13/2017: Brethren, all the technology of death of the great powers is the work of the infernal beings that you call aliens or extraterrestrials

7/11/2019: Heaven only allows surgeries, implants and other modifications made to your body, when they relate to health problems

2/2/2015: If there is something that I judge with the full weight of my Justice, it is the blood shed by my innocent ones

Jesus and Maria